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He Got His Gold

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In tlu' "good nlii uays," when 'wild in" mo'iiey was abandon t, and every rit y. villaue. and OPOSS rOOds even. had ts Ha:ik, tlicre were many ineiilrüts oí hair-breadtli escapee [rom ftaancial ruin and disaster 1lrit have liever Im'cm toid in print. Sueh au incident we have in niind OCCUrred hore tn Ann Al-H ],-, and iliustrates lniw a. ma:n wlth nerve can -i. metimos "save liis bOOOn." Atoin.ii' in 1856 Of aliout tliat time, there had been arganized in tliis city til" ;d "(lovernmeiit Stock Bank." The building lm wlitch it did business still remains. 1 cijnnectinir iink bei wei-u ttoe ld and almoet (orgotten jjast oí nir city, anil the liustliny; present. It is tJie little frame Btructure jnst oast if the post office, on Ann st., jiow oecupied by R. C. Ilarnc.Vs marlile works, and ownod by Franklin L. Parker. Conld itw walls be given tonques, thoy COuld BOme woudeWul tales tinfold. Aiterwards Uiis. I!:uik was re-organized, and eame out under tilie tltle of "The Itaek of WaSbtenaw." A gentienian by t'lie name of Inman was lts president, who was a sin-ewd. suave tima mier, a banker kw revenu, only. He had iinother very pleasaat gent loman, namd (liarles Newton, to as.sist hini as cashier. TÏW bank was a Inistler, and did "a right pmart" business iov a timp, as all sucli banks did in tfcOM days. the bu.sincss men OJ Ihis city at. that time, was Androw DeForest, who oarried on a grooery store on Main street. and who is nmv a resident oi l'assadena, l'al., and well remembered by must i uur citizens. He Jiad gome $2,500 oc $8,000 in gold, and by fair promisÖS o! excellent patea oi interest Mr. Turnan indu-ed ham to depoeU tlie money In liis bank. rl his specie waw used to show the bank examiner when lie came around, liow solid tbe instittuion really was. Thinss llourished a time with the Bank oï Waslitenaw. bui tliere came il day of re-kinin.ü. and tlien it was that tliis hl wild ent begon to emit disinal howls of distress. One morniog the doore of ih Bank nl Washtenaw iailed to open. lts fonsndera and ou-ners were "taking lnvent:ivy." When Mr. DeForest learne 1 tilia bit f news be made a few p-ieparatioine, and walked over tO the Bank. Having a fíol deal of persistiiuy hu Bocceedèd In galnlng admissiom. Once apon the bielde he Btepped ap to the desk and delivered this i o i he preslident : Mr. Inman. 1 came over after tlie money 1 depoBited wlth yon." ■eiy sorry, bul ah ! alieiu ! yon know, it woull be inipossible- " He liever finish. -d the seutence, ior irPurest pulled om au u.üly looking hnrse pistol. loaded to the nmz.le. and ainiiiiii i' directly at Innian's head. said : '111 have niy momey, by G- . Of yOQ're a dead man. II. 're are tWO bags. ril Btay here and hoid tliis pistol while you count out every dollar ttnat betonga to me. And be sure you couut t rigfet." Inman looki'd DeFOTBSt In the eye for one sboa-t second, and saw 'shoot" tfaere In umnlstoka-Me tonus. Hettx k the bairs. coanted the money into tbem and hamled theiu over. DeFo-rest thon loweri'd liis gun, took 1he gold and went back to liis store thankiiiK his lucky stars for the narnnv escape his ent re fortune had oí passing OUt Öl Jus hands. It was HMi noised a bout how De Fo?st bad aaved hin money, and he t once became the hero of the hour. Upoin asked if lie would really bave shot if he bad mot got his money. Oiis reply was : 'Shot I yes, sir : I went t'here with the inten1ion of frettins money or blood and Inman never would have went out nr tliat building alive had he not returned my gold to me." '1 liis incident of the early daya of tliis city s told uur readers as it has been related to na iy an old resident wlw was liere at th time mul rememliers i wcll. " ■' - story has i moral to it. aml the ]ico])Ic who are ailvoeati'iijr the return to this old mt'thod of bamklng inay wcll draw the moral. Tin'iv is considerable cnxreiicy in exlstenoe yet of this o'.d Baak of Waahtenaw, Tlic wrlter lias several hills of varions (liMioniinationn tliat he wouiii be pleased to Have grovemmeni or aome one cis.' restore to tl ■■■ir ]iar va'me.


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