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Here Is One Of Them

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The Brooklya Bejfle receatly publisjicd a pen picture oJ a "robber baron," as deplcted trota Ufe by a representat ivi' OÍ th;it Journal. This sketch is particularly brougiht to the ai i ent in of the journiils advocating the raciale oí the barons and pnlfleri.inu' oí ppotect-ed Industries. Mr. A. 1'. Mc(O;iiiiU is deecríbed by tli' ic-mic reporter as a "si nut, comtortable loöktog man. w'nn sat smokUlg un tile p:.izz;i at Manhattan Beacii." y'ii beliig addressed, Mr. McCoomb diid Jiot deny hJe Identity, but saiil with p&freahliig candor : "Yes, I am ome oí tlie 'robbeí barons,' out o.' a joi." The reporter then urged i he "robber baron" to teil i:is story hi -li he ditl In the [ollowlng InterestIng manncr : I come írom a littlc tumi up the state. I slarted a íaetory tlicre eijtlit years agO. Wlien Ilarrison was electi'd I Imilt a big additinn. I liad Tin) ii.-inds wortlng tor me, and. my faotory was tb backbone of the towii's ]iros]M'rity. ]t inay Ihc said to have llved on the wiagea I paid. Wben the eJectíooeerliig carne arcrand last fall I was mviird to speak. But I did jiot attcnipt any oratory; I had no Idea wal caeré wouw !,■ uenn(irratic votes cast in my town. I told tho pcople it was a matter of bread ana butter, and thvy were as mucdi bttereated In it aa I. and I leff i he mat ter t hre. A democratie orator followed me, and deinonstrated that the ('hioairo platform mrant release trom the impnsition ui the robber barona of protection : tliat tho workinííiiian got none of t-h-c beaefltB of protection, and that BOOte of the fa-t nrii's would rlose nor wouM any of 'the American ivorkmrii 1h' thrown out of employmeni y ttue greal locrease tñ Uaportatlons thal onll talie place. I thouilht my peqple hetter, but when the voii's rere coanted tbe ralnbow liued (iraiory was imiinl to h;ivc had lts effect. The town had gODS almost soiiiiy democral te. It wasn't any nsc kickin.g1. I saw wliat was COmlng, and just timk J28,000 umi soaked it away in a Trust company. When tlie banks began to break and the facborlea closed and bard titoee cante, my customera celed t.heir orders and I had tö shut j up. The poor Itttle town is flndlng its lesbon in politieal economy a bitter dose : ïmt as tor me, I've uot ih.-n .ld $28,000, and can sit henvory comfortahly and walt till the Otonda ron hy. I ain a robber baron and the ragman aam smasned me; su r am supposed to be deed. In Uw. industrial upheavals whlch I tÜe Cbaagea in tho tarWí are to brlüg about, ttne ■'robber barón" ivill be Dlkelj to liuht apon hls reet. The Press betteves, wWfti President Harri son, t lint the ri;-h m;ui who loses half liis foriinie s not cntitled to the sympathy the warictogman is who loses lialf oí his wages or all of lüs }ol. A few t-hiMisanil dolían per anmiin more or less. [Or man. is not SUC aa niportant [actor 0.Í tlie wagjes o; ttaousamde oí men. In one "robber baron' botli Mr. Dana and Mr. Watterson simula reineniber they are sonietiines llkely to smash, a gneal many worktagmen. 'lile PreSS lias liever aihoeate,! probec1 imi tiie benefli of tbe m&nnfacturer. bat BOtely tot tilo roason that expecance pótate ta the fací that lts bftnoíits h;ie bren ilist rilmteil in a iiiarkcii degree amoog thoee engaged i!n tihe gninful occupai ions. It Ís a mat ter of etocere regrel ihat demaííotciH's vM-e in so inany histanccs lasl year ablc ,. unsettle t lie ininds of employés in nianufacturing toxvns on the tariff queatino and tbereby secare t ln-ir voíes íor the democratie ticket. The "ecxxBomlc pletore" w have jnst n;,w in some of tJiose place! is a painíiii one, and yet t h-e greatest Bufferen trom tibe ctuaoges have been tliemselvcs lar.iíely respomsibl íor tile l'CSUlt .


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