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Effect Of Hasheesh

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llasheesh smokers frequently get tito a state much hypnotiMii. in uhich it is possible to place the members of the body in any position and to treat the body as though it were all made of joints. The similarity between hypnotisra and the effect of hasheesh smoking1 is so great that a Germán scientist made special investigation of this subject. It is well known that wlien a per&on la hypnotized a single word or threatening action suffices to throw the subject into spasms of rage. The authority mcntioned lias discovered that in a similar way a person under the influence of haslu'i'sli eau lic aflected. Ile even discovered that persons who donotsubmit to ordinary hypnotlsm can be put into this state througli trie chewing or smoking of hasheesh. The faculty most iuriuenced by this narcotic is the imagina tion. The iminediate present is ídealized into the most beautiful and fantastic forma. Hearing is made finer, and the flnest strains of tnusic afïeot


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