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The Official Figures Give Galusha A.

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Grow, the republican candidato in Penn.sylvania 187,000 pluralily. Considerable of a republican day. A gentleman at Sault Ste Marie ha inven ted an ear telephone attachment. He shoukl send one to Grover and then connect hlm witn Pennsylvania. The trial of Congressman Breekinrldge, after a long delay has now bean se: ior Maren 8, when it wilt be 8hown whether a brilliant and gifted congresxninn can dally wilh tlie affeet'.ous of n school girl with lmpunity. It seein.s that the line of clefense !s 'io blaeken the eharacter of the fair defendant thus allevlating to a certain oxtent the enoriuity of the cr'mp. If is a cowardly and nasty defense uhich w'.tt o-nly further bemii n h the character of the cougressman. -Detroit Tribune. Hen. V,m. I!. Thiompeon, oí Lenawee conmy, ex-aeutstant po ;: mas ter gen Tal, in the Evenlmg News oí Detroit kist Friilay, had an interview ii] on tibe congreeaifmal situation in this di-iiri-t. and mentioned the name o!' Man. -T. T. Jacobs as being good tünber i'or eoagreaa. Tlie republieaas aeed hustlérs thils ye:ir. and the Courier endorses the seleetion of onr fellow townsmaA, for ie believes shor.l l Mr. .Jacobs be tht nominee he woull ranke a mo-n Buccessful eanvass, poHfaig tlie full party strength, besldes mnkiing lr.'avy inroads along demoeratis; ranks. For a pretty tall píete oí ouckoo s'mging ■oinini'iid us to yesi cnlay's ' -p-. - ii "'-'i '.n one olirnn arsfue.i t h-it sua,-ar ouglit t o be pTotected by one cent per ponnd duty, wliile in it ni'xt coiumn argües tliat wooi Ought to be made mii in-ly tree. This, iai the face of the fact that nol a poiind o: sugar is made in AVaslitenaw county, but on the other hand 800,000 pounds of wool are raised here. Thlís Ks Jumping at the crack oi southern wh!ps with a vengeanee, as all the I.ouNinna papers are erying for sugar protection, but say that they want free wool. Now we would expect our northern democratie iriiemda would stand up for northern slieep and wool, but go for Iree augar. Tlie sheep are in hard luck when those who should be their [riemde stand shoulder to shoulder with their enemlee. it pnly Ulustrate-s how our northern demócrata are falling into the old ante-bellum c-uslom o.' belng thie beast of burden of tbe soutlicrn demócrata to be struck down, yet to lick the hand wh'ch smites. The saviiifís oí Xew York state give a remarkable record of the effect of the yoar oï free trade. Duriag 1893 the a.mount o:' money withdrawn was $34,518,091 iin excess of the a.mount depo-ked. As comp:ired with the prosperous year oï 1892, the deposita of 1893 were $24,OQO,000 lees, and the withdrnwal-; were $27.000,000 larger, thus showin.u.' an agregate loss letween the tw.O years, of $51,000,000. Tlie whole oi' iliis loss feil upoo tlie wage earners who tisually put their BavingS away on dèposlt, but who, under the free trade adinin tetratton, lot $51,000,000 in 1893 as comparecí with 1892. Tlie greater part of the toss occurred during the last six month's of the year, when times were hardest because of the dread of free trade. The loss of $51,000,000 io a single state reflecta the effect of President Cleveland's love lor "the plata people" through his roli and ruin jioücy of prostration.- American Economist. Next Saturday 'evening, tor one ntghl only, tin' much talked oi Bar'ow Bro hrg' iljnfitrels appear ai th ■ Grand opera House, This organizátion comes here flushed witli the sucsuccess of lts recent Philadelphia engagement at the Park Theatre, where it packed the house nïght after night. By the Philadrelphia press the aggreg at ion is unanimously endorscd as one oï the greatesi companiea of vandev:Ile and operatic talent ever orgnnlzed. This cnnipany Includea si. me noted European performers, and glvea a r.-fined entertainment withOU1 any o'fensive features.


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