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"Wliat do We wam - all :' lis'.1 Prospérity. fïow can we gèt il V The way to begin tb get ii Ja to deteal i ii ■ party whlch destroyed it. The iv;i; to resume prosperity is to resumí power, and that, [ take ii. is what you tatend the republicau party shall begin to do liere and 1IOIV." "The direst consequence, it was predided, would iollow the enactm-ent of the var. if law oí 1890, whieh looked iirsi aml always to the fartherance and proipct.'on oí domestic industry." 'It was saiil it "would start no nrw industries. In two years il created i lü'iii by the lmndred.'' 'It was said it would be njurious to tbè labor oí the country. It seeured Or tliem a larger demaiid for their émployment and better wáges than ever before in the history of our ooííntry." "It was .said it would increase the cost of the neeessitie.s of lite to the consumer. It diminished the cost oí most, if not all of them." '■It was said it would deprive iis of our fore:gn trad . It.incrsased our toreign trade. It increaKed our t'orelgn trade to proportions whk-h had iievri' Ix'.'ii fèached before." ■ 'It was Sfiid it would diminixh our diOTOBStic it liever was so act'vc as duriag the two years iollowing the passage of the law of 1890 ,iii ! down to the elect ion o! an ailiiijiisirat.on ptódged to its repeal."' "ïlie only (relief the democrate have brought is rel.ef frota work. That is the kind of relief that the more we have of it, the wonse off we are, and 1 know no better name for it ïlian ree trade. Cbndftion and name are 5in.;íulirly appropríaíe anl expres ire."


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