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The Bronx Valley, for many miles of its course, is a marvel of iog and cloud eftects thcf-e winter mornings. When neig'hboring' hills have long emerg-ed into the clear sunlig'ht the depths of the valley just along the stream are stiil ciad in tliiek oloĆ¼ds, mixed with fog% and with smoke and stea.m from the hundreds of railway trains that ceaselessly speed up and down the valley. The deepest parts of the vallej7, as seen from near hillsides, seem level full with an almost snow-white fluid mist, and this trails in strata across the face of wooded hiilsides, with rifts here and there that give glimpses of bareheaded tree trunks. A few miles Bouthward, where the valley broods in the east, Bronx l'ark looms. fairy-like, through thinnins' mist, and the sun floats, round and pule, shorn of its keener rays, whiie, just below, the picturesque Rrounds and buildings of St. John's coileg-e at Pordham take on a qnaint and antique air that doubles r oharm.


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