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Forty Immortal Patriots

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The Knignte and Ladies of Ilarper's Young People's Round Table recently voted fn the Forty American lmniortals whoee -cureers have been compteted by death. Here is tlieir decisión, with the votes : George Washington 8294 Abraham Lincoln 8232 Ulysses S. Gram 8052 Benjamin Franklin 7ÍI68 Daniel Webster Ï932 Thomas Jefferson 7808 Heury Clay 7580 Henry W. Longfellow i: William T. Shertnan (sin Rohert Fullon 6742 Samuel F. B. Morse HTi John G. Wmttier (ñ Washington Irvlng 6180 Patrlck Henry 5816 Alexander HiiinilLon 6514 Ralph W.EmersOD 5190 Horaee Giveley 5148 Henry Ward Öeeoher 41114 Audrew Jackson 4054 James A. Garfield -i.'i; Natliantel Hawtlioroe 1112 Wllllain C Bryaut 4 uu John Adants 433i Philip H. Slii'iiilau 4-260 Cyrus W. Field 4:öO James Russeil Lowell 412S Robert E. Lee 40:S John C. Calhoun 3990 James G. Blalne :íj(2 Eli Wliitney _ 3001 David G. Farragut 3842 Wintield Scott ,;tmi George Bancroft 8216 Oliver Hazard Perry 3i-6 Charles Sumner 289 1 Noah Webster 2X?6 John Hancock 27i)(i Edwin Booth _ 27"6 J. Feuimore Cooper 2624 John Quincy Adams üitiá


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