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Many falla these days. Moving ha already commenced. Cold wlmds muy now bö looked f or. Barly strawberries are on the market. February has proved decidely wintry. Fieh and eggs are the prévaillng diet. Soon tinne to be looking up the garseeds. '!':■■ corner loafers are congregating agaiin. Every indication Is ior a llvely asosn. IIinv is your ïaiih in the ground liog by lus time? The panlc hasn't reducer the wages 1 1 .- : i 1 to sin.. The o lice-seeker is always au exaggerated i atriot. l bie weathèr helped the sale of snow shovels lately. February is igetttaig up a reputación a.s a winter month. People are expected to liave a (ast i inir - duriog .l,i'in . lillies are being puBhed ior blooming or Baster. l.'ni does nol j.isi long enough for y to repeaii . sinnl! belo-ug to the Order ui Enighits of Malta. A :ni'w brand o( eigarettes is called "The Devil's Oni." Walking s the best exerclsei and at the same lime the eheapest. The "red" which people uso to paint a tOTvn is a "fast" color. The revival geason has been successful owiiin' io the hard times. J'edestrians flaid many treacherous plnces on the sidewalks. By this tian-e last ye&r the ice housea wi-re pretty well filleil. A man's hat lias inuch to do with the dignity of lus appearance. Nothing is more tiresome than to ihink continually about oneself. II' you have plenty, give to yonr neiuiibor, who may be destitute. WMch is worse, the grip or the remeilirs suggested by iriends ? Our bakers are men who knead bread, but never ín want of charity. A chi'onic griwnbler can be set down as a person who loafs too inuch. The brlight sitie of a, situation is hard to see when one is underneath Tlio man who is waiting íor his ship to come in usually finds it a tug. The great topic of this winter convci-sat'ni) has been the weathér. It ncver makes the day any brighter to growl at the cloudy weather. You cannot judge of the quality of a bnanling-honse by ite exterior. It ík not always a desireto hear a sermón that takes a man to church. Sympathy for the poor doesn't lift them up Only f uil sacks. stand on end. A 'man's oonduct is o.'ten governed by his position more than his inclina"tions. Suiferers froon the grip complain that it takes so long to get completely ly wM. Few men are conceited enough to be satisfied with the hang of their trousers. It is the hardest tesson in life to learn to keep one's moutli closed under taunts. The devil ha.s to adanit that religión is a li'ood thing every time he makes a hypocrite. To 'lie about a man never hurte lr.m. but to teil the truth about him somei i nies does. Ii' the weather man ever had any reputatlon for veracity, he has lost it this winter. A man who can't teil wlicn lic's done a clever thing. can't do anythlng that'e clever.


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