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Tongue Twisters

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Six thick thistle sticks. Flesh of freshly fried flyinsï Eish. The sea ceaseth, but it suïftceth as. High roller, low roller, lowerroller. Give Grimes Jim's great gilt gig wliip. A box of mixed biscuits ; a mixed liseuit box. Two toads, totaüy tired, tried to trot to Tedbury. Strict, strong Stephen Stringer snared slickly six sickly silken snakes. She stood at the door of Mrs. Smith's fish-sauee iiiop, welcoming hi.m in. Swan swaan over the sea ; swim. swan, swim ; swan swam back again; WEll, swuiii swan. It is a shnme, Sam ! these are the saine. Sam. 'Tis all a sham, Sam, and a shame it is to sham eo, Sam. A hadtlock, a haddock, a black si cv ted haddak; a black spat ou the black back of a black spotted haddo, 'k. Rusan shineth shoes and socks ; socks and shoes shine Susan. She ceaseth shining shoes and socks, for Bhoes and Boetes shoek Susan.


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