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Hints About Driving

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When driving you must watch the road. Turn out for stones, so that the horse shall not stumble nor the wheels jolt over them; avoid the mudholes and places where the going is bad; let the horse slacken speed when the road becomes heavy, and if you want to make up time do it where the ground Blightl.y deseends, says a writer in Waverley. It is a common mistake to think that a horse can haul a carriage easily on the level. On such a road he has to be pulling every moment; there is no rest; whereas when the road now rises and now falls the weig-ht is taken off him at times and he has a chance to recover his wind and to rest his muscles. As between a level road in a valley and an up-and-down road over the hills the latter is by far the easier for a horse to travel. When'you come to a long level stretch let your horse walk a bit in the middle of it. Almost everybódy knows that for ) I the first few miles after coming out of the Btable a horse should be driven slowly and especially if he has just been fed. On a journey it is of the utmost importance to observe this rule. Be careful, however, not to check a young nagr too quickly when he comes fresh from the stable. Give him his head, talk to him soothingly, and presently he will come down to á moderate pace. If you pull him up at onee you vex him extremely, so much so that he Is not unlikely to kick.


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