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To Contractors and Builders rpHE BUILDING COMMITTEB of the Board JL of Supervisors of Washtenaw Couni y offer for ale, at. ;l reasouable prlce all the broken and unb roken stones ju thecounty stone yard on the corner of Ashley and West A nn Rtrenifi. Tbe greaier part oí" the stone is brok en and especiully suiled for grouilug purposes. There re f rom tour to six corda of brok en stone, anti two to tb ree of an broken. Wil! be soid bv the load, or otberwise, as desired. Apply to the nndersljrned, local member of the committee, at the Arcus offoe. ROBERt SHANNON. Aun Arbói Anri' 2' . ]&n Witl . JPhEASKKT THE NEXT MORNÏNG I FEEL BRIGHTAND NEW AND MY COMPLEXION IS BETTER. My doctor says it acta gently on the stomach, ver and kidneys. and is a pleaaant laxative. This drink ie made from herbs, and is prepared for uae as easily aa tea. It is called LUNES MEDICINE A 11 druKeists sell it at 50c. and $1 a package. If you cannot get it, send your address for a free sample. J.itnc'.H Family Medicine moTo the bowcls each dnr. In order tobe healthy thisis necessarv Addreaa ORATOK F. Wuoi) W'AitU. Lk Boy, N.y; Noíttieío Michigan Resorts Few places offer so many advantges for tired people as do the popular resorts on the shores oí Lake Michigan and its tributary baya. Bay View, Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Gharlevoix, Traverse City, and Grand Traverse Bay Resorts are peculiarly iuvitingduring the hot weather she braclug air, cool nights and freedom from dust contribute to makc thls región a Datura! Tanitariuin.for the recuperatiou oí exhausted energies. To those interested. Bay View offers special advantiiKes in tliegreat Chatauqua course and Assembly. held in Jnly and Angust, the program of whien will be of unusual excellence this yuar. comprising classes in many branches of learnlug and lectures by uoted professors and teachers from the highesf colleges and unlyerstties of this country. The Way to Reach these RESORTS IS VIA. THE CHICAGO AND WEST MICHIGAN Raihvay. which runs through the entire region, and is knowu as " The Scenic Line," on accouüt. of the beautlful scenery through which lt passes, traverslng the shores of lakes, rivers. and bays, ior miles, which. with the splendid service offered by this line makes the trip a ik'lightful one. Tlirousrh parlor and sleeping cars trom Detroit ti 'l'etoskey and Buy View, are run during Jiily, August and September; vía. the Detroit, Lansing & Northern Railroad to Grand Rapids, thence via. the C. A: W. M. Tourist tickets at reduced races are sold at principal stations on these and other lines froin June lst to Sept. 80- good to return until Oct. 81. GEÖ. DeHñVEH, Gen'l Pass's Agent, Grand Rapids, Michigan. ÏJt. P. S.- Send tor our book, " ïours in Michigan. JNO. BAUMGARDNER, g I0IUKIT1LJ : GEMETERY : " o BUILDiHQ ! g OQ Pn Also, Stone Walks. - Estimates cüeer fiüly furniahed. Cor. Detroit and Catherine Sts., ANN ARBOR, MICK DRY STABLE FLOQRS Stable floor always dry. horse ban .-i dry bed, slahle and horse easily taken care of, no bedding wasted and the offensive stable ordor avolded by usingournew Patent Stable Floor Drainers. Easily put into any coimnon plank floor' floor can be level if desired. Highly appreciated by everv one who iikes a clean stable. Mali orders fllled at $1 per set lor one stall, charges prepald. AMERICAX FLOOB DIUI' CO., ANN ARBOR, MlCH. Samples can be scen at SCHl'H A MUEIILIG'S IIAÜDWAHH STOBK and VÜLLAXD'S HAH.NESS STORE. A. W. HAMILTON'S Life and Fiíe Insurance Agency. No. 11, 2nd Floor, Hamilton Block. Fire Iusnrance writteu In flrst-class companies. Low Bates. Losses llberally adjusted Cali and examine the Mutual Life Insurance ( 'ompniiy's neiv form of Polides. The Incoine and Continuóos Instalmeut Policies will return large divideuds. A Polioy in the .Mutual Life Insurance Company is a 0 Safe, Sure and Satisfactory Investmant. It will pay better than a 4 per cent. irrvestment. hen you insure take the best and write a policv in The Mutual Life through mj asencv. ' A. W. HAMILTON. E. IST. BILBIE, TEACHER OF VlOLlN. Pupil of Emil Sauret, Berlin Germany. Can be seeu Tuesdays and Frldays at hia rooms, 51 N. Main Street, Aun Arbor Orgau Companys' Block. FOR SALE. My stock of Farm Implemento and Seeds; also store propérty 25--27. Detroit St., juiiction Sth Ave. lor sale or rent. Inquire at residence, Xo. 7 X. División St. '22 K. J. ROGERS. MONEYJOLOAN W. H. BUTLER, Postoffice Building. WHERE THE SUMMER BREEZES BLOW. Would yon íiy if you could To a glen in the wood, To a spot in the shade That nature hath made; Rich witli ferns and wild ilowers One of nature's fair Bowers? Wliat is Ufe to the soul If to labor is all.' What is joy to the heart Wheu for rest we depart To the woods and the dells. Does your heart cry for rest In a place that ia biest, With no shadow or sorrow Nor care for the morrow? If so, send your address for a list of "SUMMER TOURS," published by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St, Paul Railway. Geo. H. Heafford, Gen'l Passeneer Agent. Chicago, 111. Ann Arbor Fruit Farm Small Fruit and trees from Ellwanger and Barry, the oldest nursery in the United States. Raspberry and Blackberry Shrubs, Domestic Wines, Plymouth Rock Eggs, and Artichokes. E. BAUR. Ann Arbor Mich.


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