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Drs. Kennedy & Kergan

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WEAMERVOUStDISEMEDMENJ Thousands of Younp and MUUle Aged Men are annually s-wept to a premature grave B through early indiscretion ;ird later 'exces-es. Self abuso ;:nd Constit itional lilood H ases have ruined and wrecked the life of many a promising young man. Have yon i any of the following Svmptoms: Nervous and Despondent; Tir. d in Morning; - o AmbiI tion; Memory Poor; Eisüy F .tiguetl; Excitable and Irritable: Eps Hlur; Pimples on I the Face; Dreams and Drains ut Night; Kestless; Haggard Looking; BIotch#s; 8ore gl 'liiroat; Hair Loose; Pains in Body; Sunken Eyes; Lifeles; Uistrnstf. 1 and Lacfc ol Ener y and Strength. üur XewMeihod 'ïrcalmeiit will bu ld you ap mentally, phy.ically j and sexually. JMT S DRS. KENNEDY& KERGAN E J wÊ "" %s " ■' yeara of age I learned a bad habit which almost raineil E i' " l I became nervous and weak. My back tronbled me. I cimld E V. -JiSSs] stand no exertion. Head and eyes became duli. Dreams and & V drains at night weakened me. I tried seven Medical Firms, R Nl. % tr Be'ts Patent Medicines and Family Doctors. They gave me I ?MK no help. A friend advised me totr Drs. Kennedy & Kergan. ïney B l-7v sent me one month's treatment and it cured me. I could feel ■ f'í mysclf gaining every day. Tieir New ifethod Trnüment cures when K C ivSV'i ori nVÜTn1 aUelse fuils." They have cured many o iny frieiuW." O 'yJL Ml 5ÏIW!EEHE_M3iIÏ KS11. 1 ' - Wj "Some 8 years ago I contracto! a serions contitutional blood 3 V 'fflil 1 wenttoïfotBprings totreat forpypLiLs. M'tc. rj almost rj A"!! killed After a vihile the eymptoms agfiin nppeared. Throat m 7Tt i S4 became sore, pains in lirabs, pimples o-i face, blotches, eyes red, U3 j sf loss of hair, glands enla ged, etc. A medical friend advised Dr;. M } f7jí j Kennedy & Kergan's New ".lethod Treitment. It cared in?, and Í have m 1- bad no svmptoms for iive years. I am mamed and happy. As a J iÊ?nt doctor, lhiartily recomeml it to all who have this terable diseaBO- M Curo !Tyeí í lyplutU." It will èradicate the poison from the blocu. 1 !;S:nd 15 YEARS IIN DETF02T. 150.000 CÜED. Ij I nm 33 years of ae, anl m rriei When young I led a M f -, - av hfe. Kariy iadiscretions a il 1:K lade trouljle ti 61 '"is' SïS. fj for me I became wa and nervóas. Hy k d::-ys became BB , i ü affscted and I feared Bright's disasb. Mirri-d 1 i C was onsatiBm K VJ iT ■ fectoryandmyhome nnhappy. I triei veryrhing- all failed tía p ' ?r ■''■■ ■ s 1 touk treatment from ürd. Kennei. aaU Kergqn. Their w gj "V w' aJTOgg-' Method built me np meatally, phi licilly aa I s.vinlly. I feol K _ 'p- - '' "sS and actliks a man in every impact. Xry them. 0f 7 W KoNamss Used Without Written i Consont of Patiënt, QuVlMew Mothod tpeatment ï; .Hai dr Li - an 1 losses, purifies the blood, oleara the bruin, builds up the nervooa and sexual H systems and restores lost vitality tothe body. I VSe ;iiarantee to Care Nervous "bllUy, Y-ajiinsï WanbfOEl,H t-vnblllH Micocele, tr(ctare,Gleet, i:m tiurul -.iscliursies, $9 M -VV-aJv rarls and All Kidney aud Bladder - iseases 9 n V A k ï & A ft " tftt IJrs. Kennedy A Kergan are the leading specialists of H m n iWl r !VI K i" SÍ America. They guarantee to cnre or no p:iv. Tneir reouS M L, 11" IIIUI.M tation and finteen years oL bnsinesa are at st .vice. You at B run no risk. Write them for an honest opiaioi, no matter who treïtea yoa. It may ■ B save ou ye3rs of regret and suffering. Charges reasonable. Write for a ■ Question Iist anti Boolt Free. Consultatïon Free 148 Shelby St. Detroit. Mich. i JBKSK;.' ..2


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