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President Angell Amused At The Idea Of Going To Chicago To Preach

President Angell Amused At The Idea Of Going To Chicago To Preach image
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The following news item appeared in the columns of this mowiiog's Th Tribune relatívé to President Angeli's being mentioned to take tlie pastorale of the People's churcb in Chicago, mude vacant by the death of Prof. David Swing: " President Angelí was asked to preach a sermón at the great People's ehurch at Chicago next Sunday, but declined tlie honor. He has been prominently mentioned as Professor Swing's successor there. President Angelí says, however, that preaching isnot lus vocation, and that he would not accept the position under any circumstances." When his attention was called to the item this morning, by the CorRiER, President Angelí was mach amused. He said that the church officers liad been trying to iill the pulpit of their church from Sunday to Sunday with varioua speakers, and amoug them he had been asked to preach there next Sunday, but he had been obliged to decline. As to his being asked to fill the pulpit permanently, he knew nothing whatever, and presumed that the idea originated from the fact of his beiug asked to preach there onc Sunday.


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