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Drs. Kennedy & Kergan

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1200,000 WEAK MEN GURED! STARTLING FACTS FOR DISEASED VICT1MS. tëCURES GUARANTEED OR NO PAY ! inr Vil II 0 Nervona and despondent; weak or debilitated; tired mormura; noamnllt I UU 1 bition- lifelesB; memorypoor; easily fatigued; excitable and irritable: eyes stinken, red and blurred; pimples on face; dreame and night loases; restless; haggard looking; weak back; bone pains: hair loose; ulcers; sore throat; varicocele: deposit in urine ana drains at stool; distrustful; want of conbdence; lack or energy and etrength - WE CAN CURE YOU I RESTORED TO MANHOOD BY DRS. K. c2 K. JOHN A. MANUN. JOHN A.MANLIN. CHAS. POWERS. CHAS. POWEHS. BEFOKE TEÏATMKNT. AÏTEB TKKATBE.NT. BÏFOHK THBATMKNT. AÏTtU TKEAÏMt.NT. NO ÑAMES OR TESTIMONIALS USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT. VItniAAnri rJohn A. Manlin says:- "I wasone of the conntless vicV AHIUUC'bLL tima of early ignorance commenced at 15 year of age. I mninomnirt tried oven medical firma and epent J900 without avail. tlYIlbblUINo AND I gave up in despair. The drains on mr Bytcm were ■ ..nnTruAi""" weakemngmy intellect as well as my sexual and physical llVIrUTENCY liIe' Uy brother adTised me as a last resort to consult fMinrn rs' ennetiy & Kergan. I commenced their New Met hod UUntU, Treatment and in a few weeks was a new man, with new life and am bition. This was four years ago, and now 1 . ,. am married and happy. X recommoud these reliaUa epeoialists to all my afflicted fellowmen." CURES GUARANTEED OR NO PAY.-CONFIDENTAL. "The Tices of early boyhood laid the foundation of my ; ; ruin. Later on a "gay life" and expoeure to hlood diVUnhlIlC Pmieeifïno neases completed the wreek. I ha) all the eymptoms of Oj fj II II lo, LllilOOlUllo Nervons Debility - snnkeneyes, enunsionB, drain in urine n ' in i nervonsnese, weak back, etc. Syphilis cansed my hair to VflNRnnPlP II rPfl fall out, bone pains, ulcere in mouth and on tongue, aimUU0IP ÜUICUi blotches on body, etc. I thank God I tried Drs. KenDedy & Kergan. They restoied me to health, rigor and happiness." CHAS. POWERS. W We treat and cure VaricOctJe. Emissions, Nervous Debility, Seminal Weakness, Ceet, Stricture, Sypkilis, Unnatural Discharges, Self Abuse, Kidney and Bladder Diseases. 17 YEARS IN DETROIT. 200,000 CURED. NO RISK. READER' Areyonavictim? Have yon lost hope? Are yon contmplatin(t mar!■ ,?l jI " rlaSe? . Has yur B1o1 b'en diseaeed? Have you any weaknefs? Our New a ethod Treatment will cure 5on. What, it has done for others it will do for vou. CONSULTATION FREE. No matter who hns treated you, write for an honest opinión Free of t harge. Charges reasonable. BOOKS FREE - "The Goiden Monitor" (illastrated), on Disenses of Men. Inclose postage, 2 cents. Pealed. xa7N2 NAM?S. USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT. PRIVATE. No medicino sjnt C. O. U No ñames on boxes or I opes. Everythlng confldentlal. Questlon list and cost of I ment, FREt. No. I48SHELRYST. i DETROIT, M1CH.


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