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Says The Brooklyn Eagle: "the

Says The Brooklyn Eagle: "the image
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lost eensïbie thtag yet proposed for the oelebratdoii of Queen Yictorla's nexi coronat-lon anniirersary ïs to make a Wie park or playgnoaad in every vlilage in England. It has long been kniown thiat PitteBurg e ome oí ttoe ÜirtS is1 of civiiized etttas, but the tact tint a l'ittsiiuvaQumdrymaii wik) reoenbly ctiied was ab bo earry $400,000 li.i'e hisuraoce ís additl '.i'i : ■■viilcnc.e on this point. &ome oí tite popocnartíl! newspapers la the etB,"be u :.l a well l learm befro t.hf tdickets are prlated, tltat the tmrao o Vhe free sölTer candidate ou ticket foy regèaut, Is Stantey E. BarkEi, and nol Parkhill, as many of tiiem have lt. The cabtaet o( President McKinl-ey imderwent eome ebangee after the was made up. Gen. SfcOook, oí New York, dec'jiined the pi: i fc'.Uj offered him, and Cornelius lí. B las ■'. bh'at state was made secretary t the Interior in hls pOace This seemed to l3 more satisiactory to all New York politicia-ns. be oí tJie fast trips to AVashington, jD. ('.. last week was made by Vice Fresídími Holitirt and party. Oounting (",n the stops, which were never Ttry ',oir. the engine, the famous 313, k tliiem to the imtdonal oapita], a distaiice O'ï 231 in 235 minïts. Gtov. P.ngree and party were aküayed m:uiy Úmee and wre 30 fiOiirn niakiing the trip. Puohably no goremor of any starte artracteci tbe attemti'on and received the Iruzzas oi the mallfai'tude at the inangutiaitian at Washington last week, as Michigaai's governor did. The lame of G-ov. Piingree's potatoes h-ad ïjreeeded Mm, and even the news1oys of the natèona.1 capital were warm in noiisy ontJuusiasm far the man ■n-ho put practical ideas into effect the poor of hite city. Witih the iailoiTe, already clearly iorestadowed, of tHie wheat prop ia AustraCia, WÜl necessarily be a Beffry demiand in thiat oountry for Aaieiiiaii grain durimg the next year. The Australian fchortage, roughly esiSmtCbeá at 5,000,000 busQiels, wtU Ofiea a veady market for the wheatgnp-wers of the Paaific siope, and. will oa.tuTa.aj ten-d toward higher prioes for the American cereal) all over the cotnrbry. AVm. X. laster is piufcthig in soine ütlive w-ork ia the canvass tor the office of school cammissiomefr, and shoulcl lie win the electlion will mnke ;m efíióent ofiicer, beinjï familiar as lie is wiiii soh : work..- sialitoe 0iserver. The Cliicai;-:) Tribune. Which isurg-utag agal.ns1 a ta-.-tíf o-a wooG, isi Informed Uiat wlicu there was a tavilt on that staple, ni-ai'ly every farmer in Miohüga kepi. a Koek oí Bhep. and iïow there lis searcay a íloek oí sheep among the [armera of the state. Is t!:n . ooi aiuanenrt eoough. A iva between ilie üailted States an;i Spain at the present ■Maas ■vvowid tree Coba and the riiüippine Islands immedïat-ejy, complete Spain's ba.nk.lupky. overtlirow her present (ïyaast.y, and reduce tor to the rank of a fouith or fif t.H ï-Tite natiion.. These are Öhie reaaoms why war wi.'.l net take püaoe. The Spaniards ara olKsttoate and ignorant, but they a ie nob to delïbera'tely commit po;'iiLiea,l suicide. All reas mable deinaiiils whdeh the Uniited States raakes on Spaiin- and the United States has not uiailc any oltiher soa-t of demande - wiiü be complkxl Avibh. i rcpub'.icans oí Mldiigran llave ni;; :1e nc iniscake in the excellent tdeket thiey place beiore the people to be supporbed at tlie spring ölecA'.i know ütuat Judge Chas. 1). Log lias made a sp'.e.ndid record for tlie time he lias ssrved upo:i the supreme bench. He is aai ab'.e jurist, a splendid Citizen and ioyal in every particular. Besides, lne was a valtent soldier during tibe late war and severoly ma.imed. The good citizena ol (Michigan ht:nv all about lt aííd tbey wdli see that he together with William J. Cocker and Chas. }. T.awbon are unaiiimously elected. - Harbor Sp-rings RepublicflnThe soTirad money demócrata held tht ir state eoimention at Grand Rapids last "Wednesday, and lt was well attemded. Wm. D. Bynum, of Intlilaiia, was present, and made a stiriTng speech ; the resoLuitioins adopted were anmi,stjikab".e in sentiment, :iii(! the party propase to show their stremgth at the C'3'niiaig eiection. The ioaowing ticket was put in the field: Fot Justice of 'the Suprem Court -Hom. Daniel P. Foocte, of Saginaw. For Rcgemfcs of th UniveTsity- Hou. .Levi L. Ilarbour, of Detroit ; Hon. Bdwin F. Sweet, of Grand Rapids. Tlie tacket is a very strong one, and the foUowers of Mr. Cleveland can lïow sliow cheir streaigth. WO"W let Pre-'iilftin McKinley maks an effort to restore the rig-hfcs of the eomman people amd the proepeifcy of the masses and stamp hümsellf as the greateet man af the modern wor'.a. - rtaAiy Times. Wta The Times please arise amd teil wlnat riilits have baen. taken away from tilie oommoo people ? Then wiill it plelase arise and state whio took t.hose nighte away ? Then again, wffll The Tknes please teil who it was that onacted the Wüeon bi'il, that liais run this sountry into debt over $200,000,000 in fooir years ? And oinoe again, luow can President McKAnJey restore in a few weeks or m'Ontibs whiat a democratie president and popurj,st sena.te have been iour years in destroying ? After The Times amswers these qnestioTiB, the re are a few more, quite as pertinent, we stoirld like to ask. N'O'W that the riah of the Lamd have poiwed ovit their weiaith in, display amd pomp and parade at Washington, let us with ome occord turn our ntd.ou to the '100,000 famKies iu out land who are homeless, headless, ciothelesfc a:nd in din-e distress.- Daily Times. Is it p'ossible that these families have been neglected all thds time '? If so who is to blame ? Beoaoisc some are poor must everybody deny themseftves all pleasure ? Becanse some aTe starving must those witli plenty staoTe aleo ? Beca.use one family is in mourning because oj the death of a friend, must aLi' the families of the world mourn also, out of sympathy ? But if tJüs is simply intended as a fling at the inooming adininistration, we have but to refer tlie Tïimes toi lts owa Siles of faur yeons ago, to learn of the wiicked extravagance of that toamguratiion of "Jeffersonian simplicïty," when there were three tianes ns many visiifors in Washington as this time, and when the displ-ay, extravagance and splendior of the ball room eclipeed anytihing ever known beiore or ever seein siince in America ! Is lt piossïble thiat tbe memory of The Tixaes is so detective ? Or is it juist talkiog ? Or w-hart ?


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