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But Until The People Have Something

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w4th i ii:iy, ai] 1 he tarllf in ChTistemdoiin won'M atxrt a wheeír. - DcvJly Times. Sure. Rut wit a, snit of c'.othes at L1. bread u orae ■.ent i laaf, -:' what benefit is it ii thoss who need the Buit an,l the V iií, can nut gei the $1 ar the clmu ? T! is country has tried the íree reide tikeoxy severa! times, an:l each. time i; hlaia boouglut hunger and desi!.;nti:in to the mlasses, aad nitn bo Khe business miain. Oh-etap tliiiiR's oí no benefit wlien There is 1110 way to eam tflie mpoey to buy tih-em wiïth. l'nder a putxbedtd'vie tarit'f sonie thingjs may hare been dearer, '.ut business bas alirays beengp!d, tïie farmer has always liad a markat ior h'l's Avoo'., wlieat and uier proclucts, and the coramon people have a'.ways been able to earn eiwMih to live oomfortably wRlh. Onder a protecltSh-e tariif the natïonial debt was IIEDUCED over $50,000,000 a year, and tlhe o:)uniry was prosperous. Uiuler free trade or "tari ff for evenoie," the nat.ional debt lias IXCIIEASET over $50,000,000 a year, and ■che people have been penniless and desliuite, crying for food, even. Und'er iirobection there was always a surplus in the treasury, ander free trade there ]ias been a fearful deficiiency. ïtow whlch' is the best - a pixtecttve tariff with ifs pnosperity, or free trade wl-th its oheapness, destitutïon, hunger, equaílor and wretohftdness ? Is it piO'.ssible t'liat the na.n; with a fixecí income is so supremeüy selfish tliat he wouild keep the laasses of tht peoiple din want and poverty, that lie mfeht ototaiu hls food and clothing a trifje cheaper ? Gïve the iaboriinlg imaa work wiith wbch t'O bu.y the faminer's producís, Mr. Times, arad nmt on'jy the farmer but oae else "have . whack at proisperiity." Start the facto'ries with protection anid reciproclty a;n.d you wiCl liive the fanner a mar kei. CSose up the facto'ries - as you have doiae lor the past four years - and yo-u not oniy impcverteh the workiingrnan who consumes the farcner's pro'du&ts, but the farmer wiho raises the products to be ooiisumed. The farmer prospers when, the "a Uoringman prospers. The business man prospere omCy wlven boitfli the labo ingman and the farmer prospers. Undei' propect.ion the history of this country proves that aOl have prospered ; under free trade all have been redueed to poverty. Grand Old Man Morrill - the oldest man in years as well as congressional service atnong the American statesmen of the age- has just had his credentials presented to the senate for a sixth consecutive term. This is an honor never achieved by any otlier man. Benton, the only other man who completed flve consecutive terms in the Senate, was defeated when seeking a sixth election, although he went to the house for a term two years later. Sherman has exceeded Morrill two years in aggregate length of time in the senate but his service has not been continuous. It was broken near the middle by his entrance into the cabinet during the Hayes administration. On Mareta 4, when Morrill flnished thirty years in the senate, he completed forty-two years of service in congress. On ttie first day of July next the bill premittiug the printing and use of private mailing cards with a one cent stamp aflixed will go into eiïect. The progressive business man will have liis own adertisement conspicuously displayed, and the printingof inillions of cards will make work for the printer. The bill is approved by the postoffice department, as it tends to popularize postal cards, besides effecting a sa vin f to the government of the cüfference between the cost of the cards and the stampa. -


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