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Something To Bear In Mind

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Every boy should ahvays bear in mind bat he bas a name to keep up and a record to keep clean, not alone because it is rigbt to do so, but because he can never teil when sorae one else may not be looking to him as au exainple and may not be tempted to do things unworthy of boys because he does tbem. There is perhaps just as much e vil on the other side of the question- that is, where a young man or an old one, for that matter) feels that be is continually an example to others, and lives two different lives, one for the benefit of his friendsand the other for himself. The example is of no valué itself. It is merely that you, living your daily life, entering into sports and into studies at schools, can never teil when your schoolmates or persons wliom perhaps you may never know may not be unconsciously observing your actions, and be accepting them as standards for themselves. Thus every man and boy and girl is at some time or other, and often frequently, a guide or example for others, and it behooves him or her to bear tliis in inind Lrom day to day. It should not cause worry ; the responsiblity of it ought not to weigh any one down ; but the idea that yon can do whatever enters your head, provided that in your niind you are satisflfed that it ia riijiit for you.


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