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Pertment Remarks By The Adrian Press

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Mr. Kissweather, was married at Darleton, last week. He is the captain of a smack. The Michigan Gas Association has list closed a state session at Ann Arbor. Care should be takpn not to confound tliis meeting with tlie mid-winter tratliering of the Michigan Press Association. Toni Biddle, of York, Washtenaw, is carrying a load of shot in his shouider, accidently placed tliere by his brother. He never did balance well in swimming, and the charge will be left in for a sinker. The Argus notes that the antisaloon league of Ann Arlor, has filed charges with the mayor, one of the allegations being that a minor, after drinking, attempted suicide. When the Iiquor is so bad as to drive a man to suicide, it is linie for the authorities to inte fere, and (iemand better grades. The Agricultural College asks for an extra $1,000 this year, witb which to build an electric light plant. It .peins as though an institution which bas disclosed to the world the existeuce of a doublé set of teeth in flshworms, ought to be able to get a light trom the glow wonns. A stray, medium sized, brown dog with a white spot between his fore legs, can be had for paying for the adverlisement in the Times, Ann Ai b ir. Said the Frenchman to the town clerk "Mistaire Olerk, you got in your book wan leetle big white dog wid a black spot on her back, zat's me." A Saline grocer by error filled an oil can with gasoline and the tiler of the Masonic lodge poured sorae in the stove and almost at once noted the grocer's mistake: aud as he picked liimself from the top of the altar where he landed, he supposed that Keiler or, Corbett, or Jubilumbo had hit him a "hifi'." A herring with 48 shiners in his stomach, was recently dissected by the president of the Michigan Fish Commission, and thereupon arisetb the Ann Arbor Courier, and saitli : "Go to the herriug, thou piscatorial and learn to angle." Speaking of shiners, the Grand Rapids who swallowed a silver dollar, has one in his stomach. It is believed that James O'Kane a former Ann Arbor mail carrier, has tumbled into a large fortune in New York. The Register notes that "Postmaster Beakes received a letter this week, from New York, enquiring for a man by the name of Jas. O'Kane, and saying that considerable money had been left to a man by that name." Answering theinquiry, ii James O'Kane is the man, the postmaster should simply say "O. K." The editor of the Eaton Rapids Herald "cusses" the big bats, wishes the theatre bat ordinance would speedily prevail, and adils that he recently "had the rare pleasure of sitting behind a monster," meaniug bat, of course. Il ladies will persist in mounting their Ueads with umbrella bats for public gatherings they should at least furnish thein with seating a acommodations for those who have to sit on the backs of their seats to see the stage or pulpit.


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