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Fresh gtains upon walt paper where peop'je have rested tlieir heads eau be removed "by covering the spot with a mixture af pipec'Jay and water made iirt'o a soft paste and jetttng, it reniiaia over nLglit. Then bnish it off witli a stiif whisk "bi-wm. To prevent a bruise Jrom becoming disc'Oilored, apply immediately water as lnat as oam. bs bome comfortab:y, cbang-iinj; the c"jUi as eoon as iit loses lts hieat, If hot water isi n.ot to be bad at once, moistem eome dry staren witli cold watr arnd ccuver the brulsed part witih it. Save jxrnr eg-g she-'J and them to olean boirtles, cruete and cara.fes. Put tlie sh&lls away 'ia a co-nvenient box', and, when ready to vasli bottüee, ci'ush the Bhells up iine, partly Hal thfl bttlos with. them, them hot eoapsuids, shake weil, aai'ü rinse. Amons tlie latest tuses tO' which fresli bread lxas been, put is to1 furmisli tecoratioiiis in the way of artificial floVers. It is saM that these bread Kossoms are excellent imltattoois lien fiíst ina-ae aai artlstica'-ly colored. As the bread beoames ojd the Kowers tgjke on a fad&d look, whicJi ntakes them stiii more true to mature. Wlmd-banned faces are th.e resu'Jt of bxyo'jlais agahist sitrong March v--aiw]is. A mixture of equaü parts of oiVe oií and vaseliine a liealtag remedy íor the skin barned in this way. Soft lineo elcvths d'iipped to water in wkioTi bakiug sodía has been dfcsoiived aad laiü upon tlie clieeks amd foreliead wüJl g.ijve prompt rejüof.


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