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Wheelmen Are In Earnest

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The quiest:;or, of a WcycCp pattti to "Whteniore Lake is tio be brought belore a meeittag -i th e ïnterested in t.-lve wheeli at the eoact house t'O-lïiiïllt Estiniaiis have been eeoiKeds and tt is -t.lij . ; BUoh -i path as tlio wucejiiien desLre ui be eonstiiicted ircm Ann Arbor to Wlútmore Lake $1,000. Tbis amount dLvided up bet'weein 1,000 peop'.e rwauM be a triïle, and 'üliere arej easHy l,00(i peaple ia Hhi3 city aud VIciiii'ry wlbiO wouïcl beb-'iieii).ed. by such a païli Ir tiherc wene mat eo nuany men and bromea iln the wWXl bo eager to pmafllb by the genieinosaty of their ue%h1bo--s anJ friend-, lifliv oasiily sich aa hrapi'ovement oouCd be made. It woaCd bu bat a Tn-iiflo to eatíhs and a ■pieasuire to all. B-uio 2a OhJa as in verytihing elíe almJSt, tilie iew wHl üi.avE iio do t'h work aad bear the ibarüen, üie uhiní wEl nal) be aceom{:iBhetl. It ia piropofd to buijl tto path aliongsMe tlhie public higlnvay, and to secure the aid oi itoe ïa'rmiers aLlong Xtie itiie in building and ca'ring Sor it. A. iarmsr wino briinlgs a joad of grain or wood, o.r auytiüiiiiti to town, {or Inistiamce, ciould affos'd for a lig tut tfomipemlsa'Moiu to oarry btwk a :oadof ooaj aislues or cüudars, aai for a muar.l compensatjjm be could afford t-o pa'oitect tJie ia iroiat of liis premJíes Jrom waattoRubs aeid wanton destrucitiOn by cairelless aod 1-eckless tamsters. Everj"body wiU'O owbs a whee.' or expct tio own one, wü be interested in tihis wo-rk. Let tire ooua-t house be iJ.'led to ov,erflmvLng.


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