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Beauty In Maturity

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The physical beauty of wooien should last, growing more and more inellow nntil the end. Tliat the beauty of nomen, like tliat of man, sliould be detertnined trom the advancing maturit.y can úot be disputed. It is absurd to claim tliat tire ripe, rich beauty of 10 is less attractive than the budtiing immaturitv of sweet 1(. When ftomen live in harmony witli nature's lavvs eaeb stage of life has its own cliarm. The fullness of beauty does not reach its zenith under the age of 35 or 40. Helen of Troy comes upon the stae at the age of 40. Aspasia was 36 wJieu married to 1'crirU'S, and she as a brilliant figure thirty years thereafter. Cleopatra was past 30 years wheu she met Antony. Dianè de Poictiers was 36 when she won the heart of Henry II. The kinsr was half her age, luit his devoiion never changad. Aune, of Austria. a 38 when described as tlie most beautiful wouian in Europe. Mme. De Mainteuoii was A'. when united to Louis, and Oatherine i Bussia 33 when she seized the throne she occupied for thirty-flve years. Mlle. Mar was most beautiful at 45 and .Mme. Kecainier between the ages of 35 and 55. The most lasting and intense passion is not inspired by two deoade beauties. The old saw about sweet Ui is exploded by the truer knowledge tliat the high est beauty does not dweil in imniaturity. For beauty does not mean alone the fashion of form and eoloring as found in the waxen iloll The dew of youth and a complexion of roses are admirable for that period, but a woman's best and richest years are from 3(i to 40. It is arrant error for any womau to regard herself as passé at any age, if she grows old graeefully.


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