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Y. W. C. A. Notes

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Thiere wiúl b3 a unión meeting at the M'. E. church Sunday evening, May 2d, in oí luie third annl'versarj- af tihie Aan Arboir Y. W. C. A. iílee Eva Seevws, oí trtne Inteirnat'Soiial Commititee, wSB delLver tlie address. As outgide of our memtiersliij) d'rues and what we have eamed, we tuave rec&ived oiniy $100 fnom the puKic tihiiis past year, we feel justiiied in askimtj flor a gotod collection. We hope to have Miss Strorag of Ypstóam-ti. to leaid the Sunday afterluooiii meeting, and ttoait a .le'.legatiion from YpsUamiti will attend the aim5k'ei"6ary. Let every member remmter aöso the Mcmdiay evening biLSctaiess meeting. Thie liast publiic emitert'ailn'ment to be giLven by the ejO-cutiion classes oí the Y. "W. C. A. wiTJIi be the one at Hilgh SchiaoC Hall, FrMay evening) May Ttih. A miare extended noitice wd be g'ïvea next week andl we bespeak yaav attentilan to i.t at öiat tinue. W. C. T. ü. At the meeting ol the W. C. T. U. last aMurrsdiay. essays w natten by pupiDs of thie firet amd1 6ixtHii ward schortls, oa. the subject of tobáceo, ■were reaö. S'Ome very intenesttog pointe "were broug-hit out, showiing that most exce'teat work is beiinig öcme by teachers iln sumie of thie schoolls, showiing tlLB yiO'uing peop'je dangers ia the use of narootücs. SteMfetice Show that 20,000 lle annmolily from the use of töbacco. "Whn a month oontailns live Thiurs'days, as does Apiriü tois year, a meetáing ís toeM on t'hiat day, and 6peolial tioiplcs are dlscussed. The topics far next Thursd'ay are of particular kilterest to all mioth'OTs, and they are especiiajly invilted to visit us that day at 3 p. m., %n rooms over the post offitoe. The Loyal Temperance Legión meetings will re-open on Friday May 7th at 4 p. m. in hall over Calkins drug store on State street. The new leaders Miss Faye Bodmer and Miss Hurrv will be pleased to welcome all the former members and their friends. Rally at once, dear children. "Wlhat is the coradition of our streets, to-day ? Muddy ? Or dfusty ? LadöJes' aitoary, Huron st., open daily from 10 to 12, also Saturday from 2 to 5 o'clock.


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