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Bicycling On The Road

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Thiere r.-n very few people oï t'ie ar-müing class whn, W propefly ï- ctuad, avMI decltaa to take yKi ia I ;:i i p.jj,':ii . próvJtted yau are reaiiiy .wi'il dneased, a geBtlemianly ooKmg personage, umi are not tra"eltëing ín eomipany of ui tlinn u Li iineïuiddlng yniirseli'. You rtde .1 i:-i:.:ini i-h.i day, aal towaxils ig cumo upoa soine a-'tractive aölaag sa.nn-lwHiso. You appioacli !ik i eiss 14' ehe wlll take -oi twid yomr iriand in ior tho night, udidfiinig tha,t you aire traveJliius o'ii a írtmi sucli a poúnlt tö sucli a loCiiit, ithat y u wiil gliadly pay iox v'hia.t rest anid íood, &U canx giive you. iu caaes out of ion shie WJM lake y,ou ta after a dtuort talk. Au vemiog MUMiti ihe farmer und !.':s n;i,' a.irl family, ii you emiber in;o tihra spinib of tui a hing,i is oma of fhe moit emjoya.blc of eveaingá, and Vu thia samis time pinie oï tlie mest ■aluablc Jiidhoijs ior pöckiiug Up a cnowledge of ,ihe people of This coum:y wbo Hve out of your immedlate ptoer. GPawards bediUtee ej will inaba'bly wanfc to pat you tol the .' cüfiim'bi'ir, whflcli) iinacli Homes, iir.nis tibie ome ii'.i.i - ■ , l : o m oí t-'.ie If yj;i dieclilaie au I hak one ; i'.iue poorer bat frequently u.sed as you wijl l),i ]i.;ip])j.'". 'ín any :ase Hha múacnesa ai Miu hu-uso wi'll i;.)!,ibly .tihiruk more of you umi ge yau less. Oíbeai 'M 'tlie moruuig wthen yaa söb ouíd vo continue yaul jo-ua-ney tlio iarmer and' his wlie wfll lauigiii ab the ííllea ai paymeat. iu tShtat oase, ilt is ñus& toi thosa who eciime after you as vrall aia to yourself thiat whiea ycwu retuMi jio-iae. you send tituem Siametlnilng i'ii the uatui'e of i present or remembrance. In thjiS vray gO'nne very pleasanb cvencings we passed, and so'mia abti"aab!ive acniiaJiaitlanoés made, new places ave rered, and new features of old places foliad out ironi diay to day, inÖ, o ve' amd a'bove all, iifc is the mioat iinexpenshiö metlhiod' of travelrí' aíO'ot or awlueied tilnat caa ba Bglmöd.-


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