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Bicycle Proverbs

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A bicycle caá Ü3 alnuo-st anytliiing save cliiiib a tree. A dwoip of oü Ja tdjnue may save íaasoiy a gallan, of parepiratiioii. It síuall b& said of all bífeyclep that liurár way la the way of the oraiak. Ib c-anuot be saikl o-f a. bácycle rider Chat he beginis the way Jie shoiuld go. Ifc fe a wrse cyclO'ineiteír tihla-b can sliO'W its miaster an. oxtraordmary day's run. As tllio hiajitïle baT i)ï boirut, so shall 1íie spLiiial oolumini of tlus rilder be ïncl'iienW. A soft aniswer táiiuethi away wnatfli, birt a sffc tire íMlctli a mam witli evil t.hO'Ughts. The maa wihio lookeUi beMnÖ liim lila a aro-nxtecl patili. would bsitteir be a pallar of salt. The rider "ï"h'o pursuebh Ws way witih hls head brj'wed runiiiatli to his o-wn Üestruction. As tho epate ÍK temt, so slinll the path oí tina bicycle d'av.Late iroimi the stnatht and1 narro-w way. The ol'l cup t'hiat gaes too long unooveiied willl become possessed o f ns ínuoli grit as thio rtdiar of t;he bicycle fclïerëof. It lis niDt meet thsat bicycles shio'uld greelt eaoli oblfor wiith clasping oí hia.nld1. Katíner le(t tlhem pay a formal dlistanfc greöting. Tlue biteycle luatih wiaáom which submíitieth. to the ohaiiga that it is at fault. anid' not iits nuasfcer, foír rmn'jiünlg two d.a.ys alike diurtng xl-a week.


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