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Dr. Scott Goes To Toledo

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One oí the very best illnstrations of the success that oomes from pure gril that we know of, is in the person of Fred F. Scott, D. D. S., of thiscity, who is about to lócate for the practice of his ion at No. 618 AdamsSt, Toledo, ühio. Dr. Scott in many respecta is a remarkable man. Hé is the only colored man who has ever graduated from the dental department of the University, and while a stadent liere. instead of there being a prejudice against him, lic was a general favorite in the departtnent. Tliis arose from the fact that the studente and faculty all recognized the pluck that he was exhibiting, and what was inore, they also recognized the faut that he was always and in all places a gentleman ; one who though lirin in his character, always kuew his place and kept it, and at the same tirne Uuew liis rights and maintained t hem. Dr. Scott worked his way through col5' hïs own exertions and indomitable will. He nol only did that without help from any person, but he supported his family at the same time. He entered college conditioned in Latin, but before the first year ended he had the eonditiou. worked ort', and few students had a betd than he in all his studies. And when he stepped upon the platform at University Hall at the cotnmenceinent in 1895 to receive bis diploma, no similar piece of parebment was ever more thorouglily earned,nor did one ever make a heart beat quicker, or a brain think brighter thoughts. He had accomplished what no man of his race had ever accomplished before, received the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Michigan. Since graduatiug, Dr. Scott has engaged in private practice nere, earning sufficient tunds topursue further studies that he desired to be proficient iu before setting out for himself, and receiving further instructions in some of the mechanical parts of the work from that prime of good dentists, Dr. W. IJ. Dorrance. ïhe people of Toledo will find in Dr. Scott, not only a worthy citizen, but a man who knows his business. That he will succeed, no one who knows him doubts for a moment, for he is built that way. Of a genial temperament, of genteel address, and proficient in his profession, he will alike honor the city of hisadoption, the professionof hischoice, and himself. Here's success to Dr. Scott.


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