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Amid tbe mirth and jollity The maiden's conteuance feil, For the strings that held her rpask iu place Had notbeen astenecl well. Chicago Record. A nffv directory hias been issud by ne M. E. chiureh. The U of Jf . base bn.ll team, played tin; Chicago team yesterdiay. It has rained every Sunday for eleven weelis, so a bícyclisb asserts. The amraial mcetiing of tlhe original Am. Arbior St. R'y Oo. was held last Thiirsday. Mr. and Mrs. PJiólilp Biting lost tfhedff imfaiifc daughter la-st Thursday eveiiiius' by Ueiitii. The amiual eiK-uni.pnient of State tnoopB at Lsiaiül Laka w-ldl not take place untLl Aug. 10. 'Twixt "the Lady or the Tiger" Was a problem hard to read ; But choice between a girl and wheel- ' Ah, that were woe indeed. The electric streeb car lime has had a very artiLstfc lob of new tickets p -inboet. Deputy S-herúlfí Gajifield1 went to Dakota iaat Hatnrday, aftel' a Clielsoa ïwat chiarged wSth larceny. Mre. Ilalleck üs building the fourth resililencc within a year upon her propeTty at t-lie curmer oí lítate; and Pactdaird sts. Dignity luas bad! a sad strain at tihe eo:urt bouso tliLs week so far, witll] neitber Judge Kituie nor Judge Ne-wkLrk therg to upliald ib. F red J. Schleede ís to remove tüie 'frame buii'ldSng he occupies as a store, at Nfo. 51 S. State &t., and. replace ib wittitt a fiiuo brick block. ThO "safety" whiiah a Boap advertifses to se.nd to any one' who w-Jil secare for titueiii ordei'3 amouaiting to 100 boxes, is a saferty pin. Thieirë is to bo a base ba.ll game on tluo Pair Groumcte S.i tm'iLay p. m., ■between the Salióe ï'.fe-ii schoiol team and thio Aan Xewsboy's nine. Prof. J. O. SohlCHtterbeck has been tenilered a full professraliilp in ome western colleges wilbli, a salary of $2,500, bufc has reïnsedi the offer. J. II. Brewsfier of Detroit, who has been appoiaitad' a íull professorship in tivs law djepartmeot oí the (rversity, has acceptfiKJ oí 'i; same. The bioycle path to WMtmocie Lake tI1ï bo pretty jrarrow Jwr :iev beg-b-.Tiers to pass on, especJlally if one is aoming down liill and tiue other going up. Thio UnSIversity M-a&O'iiic Club has leasekl tlue hiouse Nos. 25 and) 27 S. ÍÜfth, O)wmea by G. Frank Allmenidüiigei' flor next year, and wlll occupy ïb as a club. The calis the churcla edi'flc being erecbed by Ut. Thiomas' society hiere, a "catihedral." Which ■is mot) Tiery Jar cub of tiue way, as fa as si'ze aad 'beauiby go. Dr. Angelí has cio.nclu.ded iiotJ to leave lMre uutil arter ciounmencement, a ud so. Aviil ciompletB work in t,he i'ntetrnatio.nal law conursie, and dcliver tlhe bacclamrente addTess. Tlie constanit mioiwilmg of Jawns will soior. destroy t.lie finest la-wn ín t(he couLiitry iiniless sOimcMiiiing is U'one to reptoi.iish t.lre suibstance that ia ; aken fi'o'm thO so;il by 'ulre procesa. Ttre coumcil has resolved to recommt ml "t'he coosteuetion of the eewer asked for on "W. Libwty ebreet. Wftiy slumidii'L st ? If siíweí-s are to be of any gaodl tiiey should be put all over the city. Dr. Mary Woioid-Allein will lecture at rJio Salvablo.ii Army Hall, Sunday Juiic 13th,, at 3 p. m. Als.) Mcnlny and Tuesday, the 14th and lötli, a'1 8 p. in. Subject, "Social I'u.vüty and Health." Adni isston free. The reoent fire In the medical departme.nt building was a greab help lo George'l, aa i' deanomstratcd fhe pnactieal w-oi-biu 0{the exi:ii-u;shers lio sells, a.nid he has been reoeivint; orders för more ever eince. If George F. Key refusexi $15,000,000 lor a qmarter interest in the ifawki'iis' pnooeeá for tna-klog steel Bn■gots, he's made of d'iifferent eccrb of metial tban most men n:v. That ■aiiiOunit. iism'fc to be iteked up eveiry day. At tJiu ainnmal electlion of offiters of OtsMicaigo Lodlge I. O. O. F., tJie Wlowing wero cluosera. : !ST. G. - Geo. ■Clark ; V. G.- JoJin C. Fi'sciher ; secJ'ctar.v- Glen V. Mills ; treasnrer - Geo. Millcr ; Iiepresra.tiive to Grand Io.dge- CJias. II. Majo'r. Mayor Hilacock is to appoiiat ive (loleg-ates íPQ'in t.lniis city to atteiud an IniteTiiati'Oinai Gold Mining Oontdioe to be ]iHd at Denver, Colo., July 7, 8 9. If any one wants to go tlio Mayor would bo pleased to ■rippoimt tilieni. Now doth the llttle busy bee A(U1 much ii ti to the woes Of Johnny root-uure on the loa, ]y Ketting ' twixt, liis toes. - Indianapolis Journal. There was a frost omi low grounds yesterüay mornang, and carne Jiear Deïng ome on high gronmcl. Dr. "W. B. Smibli has m ived htó oifke from tilia Savtoga H.wik BLock to liis residencie o a B. Hiaro'n eb. Dr. V. 'C. Vauffhian was eleoted presJdent of thie Natdianial Groek Letter lledifcia 1 ÖorttTtBttiotn at Pbdladelphla reoently. Nesb 8iimcïay is Cliiildron'9 lay at tlie M. E. dliu'i-cli and tliera wídl be baptdjsm tor oaildren afc tlio same ■time. The W. F. M. &. Of the, M. El elMircb. mieets wWJi Ml3 lilla Xichols Xn 10 Arcii st., or PiPiiday p. at 3 o'clock. Peter Pacquel-te- ia Englisii Pickct- was back froon theSoidi íoi1 a few Öiaya lab week. The same oid Pete. Sdliool Commi,ssïb'nr M. J. CSavanangiii Is to tlio ootomence. addreee befo re tlie graduating dass at Onlion on FrMay. A berd ol cafctle vrane deiTen Uu-uus'.i hease Wedioesday, comslïrttng of 29 head, goOlag tm Auu Arbor. They belongeid to Tm. lUí-aúiSS.- Saline Ob-si-rver. The 4 tb of Jaly Deeoratüag OomrmUtítee desires every houseliolder to ate premdsesj and suggests Chai tbey buy theif bunzing, etc-, at so tfaat fehra eupply wiU.. not be exha,u.sted at the las moment. "Great Scott :" salid a boot-store man last Friiday, as tihe Alaskau wa-viee camie ruehiilng thiro'ii,gh tin air, 'OrOimarily I have no oibjeotioas to sewnd edütújoms, but I don't exactly a second eflatáom of winter as lte as thiiB." The A. O. D. W. Lodige, No. 27, gitve au excursión to Dat root next TueSdiay, tli'i 15ih. The nouudl trijp ia 85 een aud ior OhfiildlPen nuder 12 it is 45 oerïtg. There promüses to be a very ïargc numlbe to take adJvaatage oí eudh a low rato. The many friemifla of tlue faniiïy oí Glem. Trowbriage wiU be glad to learn tliat be bas maida.restibutiba of the iuii'ds taken by hku whJÜe a (dertc In the P. O., of -wiÉch $250 belon-ged, to the g-ovenimeoit, and whteh Postmaster Bcakes bad made good. Some ono soattered: a lot of viicious lookiliig caipet tacka on tko cross walk at t,be cormer of E. Anu st. and Fiourth, ave., and lloran, aü se-erelary oí Tibe Bicycle Club has tbem on exbilWtiota and bias offei-ed a icward oï $5 to filmd out wn,o spi'inklcd tbem thiere. To sbow a painataküng and eiftedtont oHlcer Capt. Boes Granger bas it ts only necesaary to state hen he steps out &l officie he Nvi.ü no t liave to mako np Kr any (os oí state property ca.usod by the öareleasnefis or meglect oï tbe coinpany, whkili te umueual. MicJiigaji C5eatnal Railroad Cl. tuas issued an onder instructing lts .aiganits tio breunspoart bioycles as baggage freo oí charge. Hü'wever, all &ilde afctachonentis snoh as tooi ba, lamp. buil, etc, must ba renio'ved or tbe eo.mpa.iiy reteased j'roan iiability t.hem il tbey are lost. Dr. James N. Staortfito bas beeu lgr.aati&d a year's laave O' absence, and Dr. James G. Lynds, whla bolds the pü'siiUoii of Denionstfator of Anat■O'iuj', bas been. appoitobeil to fül tne plaoe diuriing bds absence.. Dr. Martin expects to griend) most of the 5'ear im, thö Hawaliüan Islaiwls, in tbe hope of iimiproviing bis beialth. Bev. J G. Hitdaer bas resigmed. tbe pn#tarate af St. Paui's Germán Evangeiical cliu.rch oa 17tih stM Detroirt, 'takiing effect lst. Mtr. Hittidnei" is the fat lier oí Prof. J. A. C. Hiilidn,er of tb:i3 city, and "bei reasoa for t.his actiiaa is becauise of a diffeceaice wbtob bas arüsen betweeai Iiinïseti and a po'i'tiiaiii of the conigregatibn. The 'Womaafe Auxililury of tttue T. Jf. C. A. propose to stort a fuñid noíw furntshllug bhiB new Y. II.' C. A. building when it sbali ba compl&ted, aiH' wil' giive tbe iuitial entertainment to ra,! momey ion.' tbat purpose i.m a l.iwn BOcSal, on r-iday ïK-xt, Juna llih, at tíue i-esideaee of .■-■ W. C. Stevems, on X. Ingalls Bi reet. Do not f&rget fthe Bxpe.r4ence Social ei ThAWsüay eveniing at ïlie Oongriegatiiana] chuircb. Oodne and eee 'die maren oí the almigbty dollar and bepr tibe amusing stoiiutös. The autc■■grnp'h quüt maJde by the Bumday Scbaol amd co-ntaiidng over íh'ií bundred names, by wbicli tliey vill make BJty dollars, wlll ba lihowu. Muslc, ico crea.m and calae. The Ami Arbor OourLer bemoajis the Sact that tli&re are tbirteen j-ear old childrein iu tbat city wbo never saw a Pwuirtlh of July celebratLon, and wionders bow tbe people expect. to teacli tibem pa trioWem without beiuig patriotic theniolies. In otner wiards, the Oourior is tiring of s'booting otff it montib and wante) to fire crackers. - Ypsilaiïti Bentincl. Sure. Oome ut) and; bc tonetoed oif. Tbe cbair boys o.f B'tí Andrwv's tliurch, -wlio have made so much muSle, an.d BQCIh excellent music, the past u for tbe chureli goiiug people of Anr. Arbor, now ask the puiblia to patronize tbetr conciext, to be. ii't'U at Ha.rris Hall, oa Tlinrsüajr evening June 17. The boys want a.u ouiIng to one oí the noigiiboring this siimracr, and tatee tibis met bod oí rai.-lng the money. Oa-n't yoa buy a ticket aii.l help thom? He wrote ft k-tter homo for "tin," liut when liii sir bebeld It He aLso w rote one aud put In Tue "tin," but bacKward spelled it. Up-to-Date. G-et. ready te ciotm i fco A:ni Arbor on Vho 3d oï July to celébrate the 4t;ii. Brtag au ;íií üolks wljtih. you arad have a jolly gotd 'J Vi'niii.ur. AuxHiary of the Y. M 0. A. h ild ' h.eÉ ■ regalar mee MkmmI'.-i.y J nu 1. 1 1 :ii at :: . m. 4a the nis o; thia Assoc'.i tdon-. Wm. E. Blatedell, Wbose vesilence ■was :tt 35 Mfiuer at., dia wn Smuday móon, aged 75 5 He had lived here gince 1854, and leavesi a ;ind rI-x cliiUk-oh. Geo. F. Alln . the B. Huno-ii st. groccvym'a-ni, bas bougiufc the west heli oí tho C'amcr bloak, on W. Hunoa st., nss St.Jaaïee, ;ind has mioved M3 stock th Mise Allfe Bussall ai thóa city, who been teaching the school at Carpen'tei's öoth-ms, on tllie motor line closecl the same wit.h approji exerclsea ama a pieaic : :y. , ,lt 'S III.. Pr-or. W. B. l'ilUliu.-.-v oï Cormell is 10 occupy tJhis clua-V.' of Psychology, in the ai M. mext yea.r, and t-liat Proi. W. W. Flo-rer, aiso of Cor.niell, will oeeupy tiio chaj" of Germán . Languages, in tliie U. oí M. The 4lh of July a-l i .-mil pii nïc at "Whiltmore LiakO on Monday ! July 5th, will ba unidfer tihe ; sion of St. Thomas ehuvcli society i ol lli'iiá city, anid all fi'.iat is made will be used to help buJld the new church , i 11 ow being erected here in Ann Arbor. One of tlli.3 graat evente öt next week wiil be Visie Elovonth Graad June val of St. Thomas' ConBervatory of Mus;. It will take place at i ho apera house oa Wednestoy and Thairsü'ay evenJlugs o nes week, .Tune 1(5 and 17. The perao.n wto m'Jssos hieaitag i:fc will bc sorry for it. Tlierc is ome person ín this city that D. F. Schaireff would ulive a $2 bilí to interview foc just two niiinutes, and that ie tlie petrscwi wht) stole a beautiifu: cactuia i-om Ma hiouse. If Fred ooulda't dio justifce to tliie iellow, lie ould have a whiole lofc of tha best backing in tbe city to iuelp him out. Tn.e mueátoal service at S't. Andrews clunch Sun'diay evoniing called out a large ciongregatlcm and was greatly 'enjoj-ed. Freddile öa.ley sang the aLíertory. and Master CJbarMl3 Sthnson reridereri a fine so-Lo very mucli to the mu) :!-■ and pteaaure oí has friieads, nioit nware of bis ;pess iia tluat li If jiou liiavo any i lut in Uie OcrariiaT, H ntóiit ba v'.ell to remember tluat 'vVc'Llmiasdaiy j.s tts pub; nat it takes soane ■tiinua to se'b tbs typa fa? it. Pl&ase do raaü w,aït until Wedne-sday ntuofnEng wilth yo'ur ai-ticles, ïor it. [8 ianipoaslble to put bo many things Sri type at that late lio'ur. Wm. Clancy oí La-vvrence St., was stanidliHiS' up in lite 'wagon driving, last JlO'riáay íniigíM, and wlvcn near the cai'oieir of DMsion and Kingsley üts., he pulled back upon -tiie reüifl to avoicl co-UWimg witlh a little gi-1 tlá.'Eng a. wlieel. In ddfjng r he lost his balance, feil baokward ta ïhe gno'umd aid was severely injured. If ainj' oaa has ai deslre to' study ntinio:ogy oi" Jneecrtology, the proper thing to. Js to set out some roses And atitempt to raise thiem. He wdül find more differemt kinds oí inseets aoul TOrms tluan the niosit "learned bactie'ilologiist ever dreamed of. Some nie'w breed will develop eaciu day, and he last aae tbe mosft destmetive of Uie liort. John W. EDsele, who bias been ill ïro mooitihs wliöh consumptiou, illled on 8unday nighit., at his home on MJüler avo. JíU funeral was hid this a. m., from Sr. Thomas cliurch.' Mr. ELsele h-ad beun one oï the basi nss míen of Anóa Artor for a few , was BtCüJ a y.iuivj; man, and ap to a year or two atocia was mg and rubina!. Öhe perfee rxitirc of hiealbh.' Iu making up tibe si-'.iodulo ot fares EO1" the exouirslaa to Detroit to-day fihe M. C. K. R. cBüserimlaated against Ann Arbor. V, r imstlance : ThO iare from Jackson is $1.55, iitim ('helsea $1.15, fnoni A n ti Ai'bor $1.12, ïx'oni rpsdaiaiiit} 80 cemts. Only 43 cents mo'i'e from Jackson tlian ,'iere, and only 3 cents more irom Ohelsea t-han e, and '2 Í oeots more irom here than Ypsitoniá. Wihane is the Interstate Commerce ( :i ? That is the quesitiou.


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