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The Sherwin-williams Co.

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@ lÊy A DELAY MEANS DECAY O ■Ái. VKP!'-'C['1 A house and barn, farm tools, wagons, bugfífw fcOB " "r'yí'Hk gies,evcrythingisimprovedwitb. paint. Thcre SmJ S' WL -JÉufi. are ahnost as many different kinds of patotas 53' ' 3y_y j'-J-JBB there are tbings tobe paiuud. Ü CÍU O? fcJPI-Ky ' Sherwin-Willirms Buggy Paint "lÉBHLJál Wk. was made origlnallyto paint buggieswith.but fe áp&bá %& it is gust the thing to use on articles requiring 03 OéW ot) i1"wPt( an out-door exposure-porch and lawn chairs, Vgjr C.'W S boatS' bencheSl etc.-where a fine varnish fin xag. ELB "SfsJv 7 " Our booldet, "Faint Poi nis," tellsof the O17 BKdifferent kinds of paint, tells what is good ;g? VSlifanB!'B' paint, wbatis bad paint, tells howto paint and öA what to paint, tells how to take care oí your brushes. It can be had for the J) asking. You may not be thinking about paint to-day, but send for " Joint 3" Points " anyway - it vrill keep. gf ffl Tur CucDUíiu Wniuiws PtllUTS are sold by over 10,000 dealers, and are &gñ HE dHERIVN-lrlLUAMS I AlfSTö the best pints for au paintable thmgs. Sy O íü g CLEVELAND. CHICAGO. NEW YORK. MONTREAL. gX O4W FOR BOOKLET ADDRESS. 3 MICHIGAN ST., CLEVELAND, O. g7 CopyriEM 1837- The Bates-WMünan Co., N.T.- SS.- 1


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