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Sunday Trains to Hamburg June. - Toe Aun Arbor R'y resumed i'ts Sunday senioe to Hamburg Junction, t3undayr May 9, sellilng round trip tickets good for return on date oí sale at ome f are for tas round trip. Train lea ves Ann Arbor ait 9:15 a. m., returniíng leaves Hamburg Junctiiou at 7:30 p. m. LUMBER ! ■ LUMBER i LUMBER! lt tou contémplate building, cali at FERDON'S rara yard i Corner Fourtñ and Depoc Sts-, aud get ou figures for all kiuds of LUMBER We .Manufacture Our Chvn Lumber and guarantee VERY LOW PRICES tK3_ Give us a cali and we wlll make it to your interest, a3 our large and well graded stock fully sustains our assertion. Telephone Conuections with office. T. .1. KEECH,Supt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop amm un IBBIII The best Hlstory of tht nni TTnn niiv from the dlB i V K , covery of America te UyaUlllwUw the present time. js i CDLÜMBIA For special terms apply at once to PALESTINE PUB'G C0„ Flkhart, tía! ti ni II thü ai:encjr íür lhü ffWnll I CELEBRATEDMcKINLEY lililí I kW edition of Ten Cent Music. íiisminiental (classicaland popular), and Mandolín :uul Guttai .Music a specialty. Wüy pay more tluin tin cents 'i Untll an atíeney is located heret we will supply the public from onr Chícaíro office, Catiilotfiie Fiee. Money refunde'! if niusic Ï3 not eutirely satisfactory. , McKINLEY MUSIC CO., Wm. McKinley. Pres., 307-309 Wabai'.i Av., Chicago. W. W. NICHOLS, DENTIST. Rooms over Ann Arbor Savings Banks, Opi Court House Square. VITALIZED AIR. Administered. It is agreeable and easy tes-1 and no prostrating effeets follow. while teeth are extracted without pain. TVve i pm ', Michigan People. ►located" I ', Directly Opposite M. C. R'y Depot. # 1 Two Blocks from Union Depot. ► Three Blocks from Steamer Docks. [ In the Center of thz Wholesalz District. l Three Minutes by Electric Cars to J tail Center and all Places of Amusement. ! ► '. 200 Rooms with Steam Heat. 't $20,000 in New imprcvements. J Cuisine Unsurpassed. [ . American Plan. ; ; : Raíes, $2.00 ío S3.S0 per DayJ; ; Sinole Meáis 5Oc. ■ fiiiiiiiiiiuiiiittuiittiiiniiiiiiiiiitiíiii:i. ""mi DONT BLAME ! A HORSE 1 FOR IKICKING or for eating more than his share if you don't keep hini I warm. Two or three dollars = invested in a 5A Blanket will save you dollars in feed. The % are the strongest blankets made. Awarded highest prize at theWorld's Fair. 25ostyles. = Square blankets " ffor the road; f I ; surcingle M fik blankets for f WM I the stable . fL J I i ery shaPe sizeoe Mp and quahty. SfiJJÈ" 5 Sold by all dealers. Write us for the = 5A book. It's worth haring. I WM. AYRES & SONS, PHILADELPHfA. 1 ■ju n n minimum umi iimiimiumiimiumni uiuiuinmü TO THE i OH WQMAN Of Family. You want in these Hard times Something that will Help you to Economize. We have it. Buy a copy of Dr. Chase's Recipes or Information for Everybody. It contains over 1,000 Tried Recipes. A sale of over One million copies Testifies its true worth. No Book has ever been Put on the Market That has met with such Wonderful Success. Why? Because it helps the buyer And is worth Doublé the money It Costs. Agents are yet making Big Wages In sellingit. Now is just the time to Start out On the road with a Sample Copy. The Book sells itself. Everybody wants it. Everybody has heard of it. Send for Circulars. Address R. A. Beal Publishing House, The new Revised Edition Is the best Recipe Book Ever printed.


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