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Tlne mg for bicycle ridiiv-í lias Introducid soame vary expenaiíve Wrhite lilarlit -coloreo codtwmes whieh ave Iiowever only approppfete to clean roacls nnd euuny elotes, whereas a - oí Scotch mistnnre will come usvíüirmed ttrongh a.n.v vüieiaaibudss oí TToathcr. and lo'&k thorouslil.v pract-teal tirad gcntficl. Purple cloth twaided !a black is very hiaodecwue, dark myrtle greea broadclotli, but si i-ange to say tlie color leasfc popular Ds xuavy blue, bub liglit blue with applique ■wio-rk on skir't, Bleeves, reor pocket sti-aps í considerecl Heavy green; Unen totnimed ] wiitSi fauey white bnaW looks very attracti-e and ca,a be wasfliéd which g always aai advanlair-. Suifcs of -n-h'ito cloíh fanoifully trimmed Wltto crimsou clotk ímd gdlt braid look (lashing, and witih a white skirt a onimso'n. blazer trtmmeö with trilt may be worm. Usnally imis match t'he oostum?, and a WhAbe Chiítotí vest, wliite gauntlets and white eatlü tíblbcm collar trimmod wltih. lace, are tfoemed bufc íiitibing aece i. whiiite clO'tli costuma. GRADUATIXG DRESSES may ba extixmely simple or very much opnamemted, and hanchvcwk cely nny limitatlon can be expended iipon iucks or rufflea. A ri'nR musldu with tucked Bkirt and tucked yoke, mergtag at the back lato a eort of aaJlor colla,r is n.ew and miost appmopniiate. Otheff styles, howi'ver lace sliirts -crimmed vkli maiiiy rows of sabin ribbon, and corsago am,d eleeves to match, ; or inse"ti'Ou and do-uble ruffles niay altérnate on tilio eÍEírt, and insertion on the waïst may bs used diagoibally, formhig tn-o diamionds on the sleeves and ome afc back or frojit. AVlü'te orgaiidy under muslin g-i"as a tiOiti eíiect, and whiere a colored llming is deatred, organdy may ba tubstiitvu;d for sflk. Tiie variety oí Bilk, orsan■ay. net, emb:-u'nlerol buiste, Ijraided pique, duck lig tot wool drcsscs now siwwn by leauüng Iiouses, make BhiopipdDg h'll Ördt considspatioa ; but deepdte all atí vicias, no smimev KBt oi parcöiaa e &v c iaiis toii elude a gjod supply of ïfiuray cVliii'.miin's Florada water, so veir. ing and deliiglttful at, all t-imesi egpecSally at tüiis M-aonoitlie year. 'n i ;i.i x ( ; 0KBSS es are ma 1 -nj.. : obyecta of special coni. as any neat dress of plain miixea siMiii and oamtaric o-i' sfflik I walst Wïth a capa jacket rui' protectiían from endden chansyes, answers everj' puipose. Thoee who desi)"'e the imost exponsive and ïonabie weöding dueiss, buy wbilte . and cu-t t)he train :xund, wiltlh .-i g r&L f:' jat bread Bh and circular Crepé de Chine over íümsy satön ia soft and p-retty wiltih a ,full round waiist trimined wilt'li laoe and sleews wiítm i lie material wrtinkled avw ha satín, wïth; vncks at tüie edas if required. THE LARGEE PROPOBTION of shad'3 bats a,rO lavishly tirimnied wiiith dro'cuping ostriefa. plumeo and Leglicrns as usual ai'e ün the asoend'fl-ncy. Oolored fancy st.raws ín green, Êftaiaw color, píink or -white, are really pnettüer, trimmedi wilfcli ïlo'wers and veive'6 l-ops. A (jneat deal oí tulle Ss still n ftíeeeüble, piarticulavly ion the eclga of the bi'üms but" saaiip conffcrasts a-re ncrt p-lacedl together, ani'I ti'inimings niot consp'icuousiy hysh. Mull hats Show tatin Oiged rufflies on "bao bruin, wifch broad loops at the fpffmfc vlnare po'ünted pltecea o mull are hemmeí aind plaüted !(a imi tat.iio'n. of ivings. High shirret crpiwns belio-ng to t,li!s Ktyle, but with a -iíi'rpd brim a-ccnTdioupteated pul ís ljuncliod arouiül the low crown íormiing a sort oí vrefatia. MAXY NEW SÍIIRT WAISTS nave a standiinig rufflfe (plaíted aiounid the iisck, soine.tiinies almos meeting, then again only at the back A velvet collar wiifch plaited lace aad belt tio matcli is vary pretty on.fou] ard büTí wadsts. Veluttoa i-s wel adapted tl'j thii? purposs, as ifc pro duces a sjfbeniing effect, i'ull neck garmatmrefi are abnjost tJlis rul, aa plaiited or plaitetl silk tie.s or eolored ehiii'fon,, witih a bow at ihe front are anoawi limen or Bata stocks.


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