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Y. W. C. A Notes

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The board oí managers FpemiD vue eveöing oí Mmday June Ttli iu li;ig ! [:,.' nffw plan o-i avganizatjjn for t.e oom3ng ye&r. Tho reull. ie t the AssooEatilon wow has OiM depaortinents, Business, Educiai'jual. KelitgiOus and Social. Under siiness," are tlue membership and -. nudo:' very competent cliaj)"me.n. The Bdtacatiöiial tepartmenlt wlll' toelude consecutiTe ou'i'scs ín at least Jour branches. If uiyone wiialies tüat a partíieniiar etuly hould ba offered, please sptak o i at unce, as x-he tacibers meet .- n öo complete the schdtale Xhie Be%ious work ia igain SU blue iiaiuls ol Miss (Jaald wbo hiandled H sj well lasD yea-r, and the Socöal departanan't WÜ1 ba dividcd uraoiig a numbsr, ëacli liifb iree to carry O'ut her ow inspira tiou.s. Mr. Geoa-ge Wahir hiae made vlie Y. W. C. A. a preseiiít of a large packige 01 papt-" anid envelopes. XMs is mot tilie fïrst kindiiess thre Assocdation tas reeeiveid at luis bandas. Xjw tliey need peaicúls, pens and paper w be used in class woirk and ïor press flotícas, e'tc. , Next Tuesday oveoifing tftue ïj-jius wil, be opea both to ladEea aad Beaileni.fii. Une progaiam w'Lll be urd by tltó eliaouittoa and niaisic iidi liighit refa-eslwn'eiits terved. A series oí ehiadlow pojatomápies itlU ba a a amusílng teat-urO ui eveniing and gaessioig will be in ocdtev. a ' pleasant time jB promised a feo of five cents wiU be dkairgeSd at tilia d'Jo-r.' líe sure and ba at viie Saaday aíteruoon meeting. ■How mainy new membei's will yuu secure tiiis mont.h ?


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