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Real Estate Transfers

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Frank Stantz to Geo. Stantz, Manchester $ 4700 Fred Stantz to Geo. Stantz, Manchester 2000 Henry Carragher to Mary E. Kearney, Dexter 2300 Noah G. Butts to J. J. Quincy, Ann Arbor 275 Wm. Sanford to A. Bredernitz, Saline 6640 Ann Belding to Mary Eagan, Ann Arbor city 3700 Henry Vedder to listher Ann Vedder, Augusta 300 Seth O. Arnold to Ainsworth & Whittelsev, Ypsilanti city 1150 J. D. Roberts to Philo Chubb, Salem 800 Thos. Patterson to Agnes Taylor, Ann Arbor city 750 Ransom Salsbury to Margaret Salsbury, York 1600 S. and M. Atkinson to J. A. Bullock, Salem 475 Wm. H. Bowen to John J. Mills, Salem 675 Wm. D. Bird to E. E. & E. H. Bird, Northfield 3000 Henry M. Avery to Geo. S. Voorhies, Augusta 264 Geo. S. Voorhies to Geo. T. Alford, Augusta 300 Geo. T. Alford to Henry Schurman, Augusta 300 Henry Schurman to Thomas Flynn, Augusta 200 Tilos. Flynn to C. H. Merritt, Augusta 400 C. H. Merritt to Martha Avery, Auguata 500 Phoebe Santh to Geo. H. Avery, Augusta 260 Catherine Haab to Emanuel Aaab, guar., Freedom 200 Henry Vinkle to Edna P. Stebbins, Dexter village 4500 Emanuel Jeddle to Jacob Jeddle, jr., Dexter 2500 E. S. Wilson to Gustave Widerhoff, PittsBeld 700 Fred Laubengayer and wife to Tobias Laubengayer, Lodi 3000 Solomon Tate to Mathias Reizer, Bridgewater 5600 Jared Stocking to R. C. Reeve, Dexter 900 Ewin Coy to Henry M. Ide, Dexter 300 John Feigel to Christian Fiegel, Sc" 3650 E. P. Camp to Adam Mueeth Ann Arbor , 100 Marcug W. Wood to A. P.Wood, Bridgewater 2000 Geo. W. Gill to S. H. & C. Fletcher, Ypsilanti IOOO David Thomas to H. S. Holmes, Chelsea 4000 Noah Q. Butts to A. E. Hall, Ann Arbor. 1000 J. J. Mullhollen to W. R. Muilhollen, Superior. 1600 Oreo. H. Gilmore to Chas. C. and Clara Carr, Ypsilanti city 1000 Olin Pepper to M. E. Potter, York 650 C. H. and L. Waite to A. and T. Reta, Ann Arbor. 500 C. C. and C. Carr to Harriet E. Ambrose, Ypsilanti 425 Geo. W. Voorhies to H. J. and Thos. Neat, Ypsilanti 7000 John Steeb to Jacob Steeb, Saline 4900 Catherine A. VanFouen to David B. Rorison, Ypsilanti 600 Laura Stanz to Frank Stanz, Manchester 2200 George Stanz to Frank Stan'z', Manchester 4700