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A Sew Society House

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The following articlea of association of tbe Alpha of Michigan of Sigma Phi were filed in the county clerk's office, Monday : We, the undersigned, desiring to beoome incorporated under the provisions of Act No. 22, of the public acts of 1883, entitled '"an act to authorize the formation of clubs for social purposes," do hereby mske, execute and adopt the following articles of association : I. The names of the persons associated, in the first instance, to form this corporation, and their several places of residence, are as folio ws : Theodore R. Chase, H. C. Christiancy, George B. Kemick, John M. Hinchman, Wm. A. Butler, jr., Geo. H. Lathrop, Chas. B. Lathrop, Wm. H. Fox, Alfred E. Brinh, James V. D. Wilcox, f eter ü. UeMill, Henry B. Lathrop, Henry R. Newberry, and Sumaer Collins, all of Detroit, and John F. Lawrence, Èdward D. Kinne, Mortimer E Cooley, of Ann Arbor, and Harry A. Conant, of Monroe. II. The location of this association shall be at the city of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw county, Michigan, and its corporate name shall be, the " Alpha of Michigan, of Sigma Phi." III. The purpose of this association shall be to promote social intercourse amongits memberp, and other members of the college society, known a3 the Sigma Phi, and to provide for them a chapter or club house to be situated in said city of Ann Arbor, and the term of its existence is fixed at thirty years from date hereof. IV. The managing officers of this association shall be four in number, whose official designation is as follows: President, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.


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