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Wind And Water

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tor:tadoks and floods. Charleston, S. C, Aug. 11.- Reports received yesterday morning from the freshets in the rice districts indícate a total loss of the erop on the Savannah river. This, it is estimated, reduces the Carolina rica yield to about half a erop. Twenty thousand acres of rice are now under water in the rice section of Georgia and Carolina. In th nee district around Charleston the erop is uninjured. There will be no mora serious damage done hera unless high easterly winds should set ín and back up salt water on the plantation. The river at Augusta was thirty-four feet at seven o'clock yesterday morning. It has since fallen slightty. Milwaukïb, Wis., Aug. 11.- Specials from the interior of the State indícate that the wind-stortn which accompanied Tuesday night's rain was very violent and that mnch damage has resulted in consequence. In the vicinity of Waupun haystacks and barns were leveled on all sides. Frank Johnson, a farmer, living two miles south of Waupun, was buried under the dabris ot hls barn and killed. At Fortage a large number of buildings on the fair grounds were demolished and the corn erop in that section almost ruined. A number of bridges in Fond du Lac County were swept away. At Horicon a number of buildings were unroofed. A regular panic ensued on Horicon marsh, which was filled with hay-makers. When the storm struck tents, wagons, haystacks, etc, were sent flying in every direction. Ignatius Jantz, a farmer, was killed by lightning near Ripon. Apple and other trees in the path of the storm were stripped of their fruit. The rain has swelled the straams in Eau Claire County, and the prospect of moving the hung-up log-drive is gooi. St. Pa il, Slinn., Au. 13.- Renville. llinn., was visited by a dastructive tornado lstte Wednesday afternoon, and almost every building in the town suffered. Mrs. Haan was instantly killed and Gusta V Kriger was fatally injured. CniCAGO, Aug. 13. - A few days ago Milbrook, Kan., a little frontier town away out in Graham County, was almost totally destroyed by a cyclone. A Milbrook Tima extra, under date of August S, was received at the mayor's office this morning, giving a description of the storm on August 4, and it was certainly much more severe than the dispatches at flrst indicated. Nearly a hundred houses wereblown down, every other house in the village was badly wrec'.ei, and a score of persons were killed or fatally injured. Mayor D. M. Smith and the city couaeil have issued a circular asking for aid. St. Paul. Ia., Aug. 15. - A tornado swept over Lee County Saturday, destroying property worth thousands of dollars. A Catholic church at St Paul worth $30,000 and other structures were demolished.


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