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Scores Roasted Alive

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A THEATER HOEBOR. London, Sept. (3.- A theater at Exeter took fire last evening dnring a performance oí "Komany Rye." The occupants oí the pit, after an awfnl straggle, escaped, but many of them were greatly injured. There was only one exit from the gallery and the crash there was terrino. Scores were trodden unte foot and suft'ocated. A flre escape was bronght to a window and many inside were rescued. Sixty corpses have been removed. The injured sur vi vors were sent to a hospital. The fire blazed fiercely, lighting up the whole city, and people were soon flocking to the scène in thonsands, inquiring for friends. The scène inside the theater when the flre broke out was an awful one. Some men implored the audience to be cool, but it was impossible to check the frantic rush. The theater hose was bronght into use in a few minutes, but the water had little effect on the flames. The actors and actresses were taken froni the Windows with the aid of ladders. They lost every thing except what they wore at the time. Up to the present time 130 bodies have been recovered. They are almost unrecognizable. Thirty injured survivors have been taken to hospitals. The lire burned throughout the night The search for bodies proceeds slowly. In many cases every slired of clothing is burned off and the bodies look black and raw. There were several thrilling rescues. The majority oL the victims were men and boya About thirty women were burned. When the" üre started the drop scène was lowered to prevent a draught Some of the actors opened a door to 'escape, causing the fire to burst through the drop scène and ignite the gallery. The flamea overtook the people, who were wedged in an immovable mass, and roasted them to death. Many who were rescued alive died soon after belngbrought out of the burning building. The occupants of the dress-circle escaped without serious harm. The stracture burned was the Theater Boyal. It was built after the latest designs and was elaborately fimshed, being considered one of the prettiest in the kingdom. There was a f uil house, and every thing wal all right until the end of the third act, at 10:30, when a drop feil, and in a moment the whole stage was a mass of fire. A wild panic ensued. The occnpants of the talls, pit and dress circle escaped after a dreadful crushing, many being badly bruised. The actors and actresses were in their dressing-rooms when the fire began, and all escaped. The fire originated in the flies and spread rapidly, filling the theater with dense smoke". The occupants of the upper circle and gallery rushed to the Windows, screaming frantically. Many jumped from the Windows and were injured. Others were rescued with the aid of ladders from the verandas. ___


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