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The Detroit gram and produce quotations are: Wheatr-No. 1 White, 78}@ 7SKc ; No. 2 Red, 75y@75Le. Flour- Roller process, Ï3.75@4.00; patents, $4.50@4.75. Corn- No. 2, 45c. Oats- No. 2, 26%c. Butter- Creamery, 25@27c. Cheese, 12@12c. Eggs, 14(ui]5c. The residenco of P. Blackman, two miles west of Kingsley, Grand Traverse County, was destroyed "by fire a few nights ago. Loss, $2,700, with no nsui-anre. The skeleton of an immense animal was recently foun.l on th? farm of James Grant, in AVilüams township, Bay County. The jaw tone is thirty-three inches long and twenty-two inches wide; the tusks are seven f eet s'x inches long; and ona tooth is sixteen inches in circumference; the other bones are of proportionate size. Prospetors are swarming in the upper penisuia gold range. A fire at Gaylord, Otsego County, tha other morningdestroyed A. B. Comstock'3 barn and contents, including a stock of stoves, amounting to $2,5JO, insured for tano. Also the dwelline -house of T. B. Willoughby, a mülinery store and printing office. Loss, Í700; insured for $300. Canadian counterfeit bilis are in circulation at Port Huron. Wahlman & Grip, of Ishpeming, wera recently awarded a $30,000 contract for building cells and doing other work on tha new branch prison at Marquette. It was the intention of the prison commission to hurry the work on the building as tast as the appropriations would allow. A farmer drove into Charlotte the other day with a load of 20,160 eggs. Nine years is a long time for a man to brood over athinguntil it makes timaraving man ac. That is what Elander Colwell did, who was yard-master in D3troit at the time of the great Michigan Central disaster in 1878. The coroner's jury censured him. He bore up until th3 other day, when the insanity which had been developing broke out into a frantic attsmpt to end his life. Judge Daniel Good win, aged eigtity-eight years, the Nestor of the Michigan bench, died the other evemng at his residence in Detroit after an illness oí some montas. His death was no surprise to his friends and relatives, as he had been gradually wastinf? away, and the enJ was momentarily expocted. AU the buildings, save the hoop mili, of the Anchor Manufacturing Company at Delray, Wayne County, were burned the other morning, together with five Michigan C3nti-al box-cars and a large amount of lumber. The loss was about $300,000, while the ;nurance aggregated but $46,000. Jesse L. Beroh, general manager of the Deering Harvesting Machine Company, died at Jackson a few days ago. A large steamer is being built by the Detroit Dry Doek Company to bs used as an ice breaker in the straits of Mackinac. Coldwater employs a teamster- Daniel De Cfcute- for the good work he can do, but he has lately found time to make a table-top containing 4,804 pieces. A íire at Nashville the other night destroyed Peck's bakery, the vacant store of Robert BraJy, a harness shop, Van Neecker's photograph gallery and Amos De water' s house. It orisinated f rom a broken lamp. Loss, 114,000; insurance, $1,500. Arthur Callender, of Battle Creek, had his hand cut off in the Art Album taetory a few days ago. Mrs. Millie Lancaster, of Kalamazoo, while visiting her sister, the wife of Seth Guthrie, in Battle Creek, a few days ago accidentally slipped and feil intothe water at the house on Lake Goguac. The water was cnly four feet deep, but Mrs. Lancaster was instantly killed, the fright producing hemorrhage of theheart. While Albert Ray, near Battle Creek, was attempting a few mornings ago to bury a rock weighingten tons, it feil upon him, crushing him to death. The post-offiee and Western Union Telegraph office in Tawas City were burned theotherday. All mail and registered letters and $tjOO in cash were burned. Two barns of the Southern Michigan Hotel at Coldwater were burned the other afternoon. Lcss, about $1,500; insuranee, $500. The b.irns were supposed to have been set on tire. Herbert Sager, while out hunting near Scotts' Station a few days ago, was killed by the accidental discharge of his gun. The shot penetrated his neck and breast. Captain Daniel Denssler, lats of the Fourth Michigan Cavalry, which captured Jeff Davis near Abbeville, died near water a íew nights ago. Prof. Merle A. Breed and Miss Addn E. Filkins, both teachers in the public schools of Coldwater, were married a few days ago. Prof. Breed will teach in Indianapolis next year. Edmund Lapeer and Dan Allbright, savvyers, were caught under a log-carriaga in the Cneboygan lumber mili and fatally injured a few days ago. Reports to the State Board of Health by fifty-six observers in different parts of the State for the week ended August 27 indicated that inflamation of the bowels increased, and intermittent fever ml erysipelas decreased in area of prevalence. Diphtheria was reported at fifteen places, scarlat fever at ten, typhoid fever at ninetejn and measles at four places. Several 'o .vnsin the State have rjcently been flooied witn Í1 an.i $2bills ingeniously raiscd to 13, Í10 and $30. William Arnold, of Darand, bad been ar.estid. A fire at Lan9ing a few nights ago destroyed fouï frame buildings. Los, ,50. The boiler oC a steam thrasher explodíd on the farm of Lyman G. Curtís, r.eir Flint, a few days ago. Mr. Curtis was fatallv iniured, Daniel Steegar, one of tha thrashers, was instantly killed, and Miss Belle Nevvcomb and Miss Jennie Fosdick, who were looking on, and several others were more or less injured. There is a set of eight-year-cld tripiet at Bay City. At Howell, Livingston County, Mary Melandy died the other day from drinking carbolic acid from a bottle which she thought contained braniy. A few days ago a car of wheat becama detached from the looomotive and started down the grade at a point near the M. & O. station, and ran all the way to Kalamazoo without the aid of any other force than gravity. Some of the way it is said to have run very rapidly. Nodamage was done in the twelve-mile run. Two hundred veterans of the Ninth Michigan Infantry attendeJ the annual reunión of the reximent at Lansing recently. The cfticers e'.eeted are: President, Ephraim Marble, Brighton; Vice-Presi dent, D. D. Boyden, Slockbridg;; Seeretary and Treasurer, Charles A. Keiley, Bri2hton. Foi-est üres were again raging the other day east and west f Cheboygan withgreat fury, and a dense smoke was hanging over the entire section. Various kinds of timber u-ero reported burning. No rain had fallen for nearly two months, and vegetation and late vegetables were parched up. The post-office at Mark, Clare County, bas been discontinuad. Harrison is tha nearest postrofüce now.


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