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The people of Ann Arbor are to be oongratulated that our public school system is so admirably conducted as to give entire satisfaction to the large body oí our citizens. As a community we take an interest in everything that relates to this department of our educational work, and with a commendable spirit cf solicitude watch every new development. We are aware of but little deserving of criticism in the management of this interest, and we know ofj much that is worthy of honest praise. Our teachers are uniformly selected with much thoughtfulness, and should one be found insufficient for the position, the name is quitely dropped from the list and the vacancy as quietly filled. From the superintendent through the various grades, the instructors are re;garded as well qualified for the positions they are called to fill, and are doing excellent work in their several departments. Indeed, we have obtained a just celebrity throughout the state for the excellent management f this interest, which ig second :n importance to none other, in building up for us a good name that shall bring to us the increased prosperity we are desiring. The standard oí' scholarship is high, the discipline of the echool is firm and honorable, and the work that is expected is both extensivo and practical. We should be thoroughly satisfied with our public schools. The school year commenced on Monday last, under most encouraging circumstances. Our young people are home again from their vacation, and are now ready for their daily tasks. The rooms are not only filled with the accustomed numbers, but there will be an unusual pressure upon the authorities to provide sufficient accommodations for the numbers who are assembling from great distances, to avail themselves of the superior advantages afforded in this important educational centre of the interior. We are pleased to see these young people again in our streets, and trust that the year that begins in this promising way will be one of more than ordinary advantage. All this is highly gratifying, Free schools well conducted and liberally patronized, add immensely to the popnlarity and substantial prosperity of a city. To increase their efficiency will be the aim of every liberal minded citizen. Money expended in this direction in a judicious and economical way in order to increase our educational facilities, is well laid out. When our best business men are placed in the board of trustees, and they give their time and attention to this interest, as they are doing with us, it is a most healthy sign. While we are congratulating oursehes upon the improvement in trade, and are looking after our mechanical and manufacturing upbuilding, let us also make prominent the fact, that our public schools occupy a deservedly high place in tbe minds of the people, and are not surpassed by any others in our state.


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