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A Singular Adventure

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The VV. H. CJpham, who is at the head of the Upham Manufacturing company, which lost $800,000 by the great flre at Marshfield, Wis. , was the hero of a singular adventure when a young man. He was a inember of a Wisconsiu regiment which participated in the first battle of Buil Run, and was thought to have been killed. His comrades saw hun fall and none of them made any doubt of his death. Being the first victim of the strife in his own neighborhood there was great public mourning for him. A memorial service was held, in which thousands of people participated, and many eloquent eulogies were passed upon hiin. Six months later Upham appeared in Washington with a party of exchanged prisoners. He had been desperately wounded and taken prisoner, but the Confederates had attended to his wants, and when the exehange took place he was sent home. When in Washington he was taken to the White House by Judge Doolittle, then a senator, and introduced to President Lincoln as a soldier who had come back from the grave. As Upham was on all the records as dead, Mr. Lincoln ordered a correct entry to be made, and then gave the boy an honorable discharge from the service. When he reached his home in Racine he was the lion of the hour, and the people who had participated in the memorial meeting in his honor got up a jubilee which was hardly less numerously attended. Later on in the strugsle the fortunes of individuals were not so closely


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