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Queer Notions About Ascension Day

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ïhey have a peculiar superstition in Cun berland county that everybody raust go a fishing on Ascensión Day. From whence lt comes what its origin nobody pretenda to explain. The people only know that it is so and they all follow the rule bliudly. Workshops close, the shoemaker leaves his bench, the carpenter drops his plane, the printer leaves his oase, furnaces shut down for the day, foundries stop work and the men fish. It does not matter if they do not get the ghost oí a nibble ; they are carrying out the unwritten law and keeping up with the superstitious procession. Another superstition connected with Ascensión Day in Cumberland county is that any woman who wears a dress made on that day will be struck by lightning wnile wearing it. Nobody can explain the origin of this. A lady residing in Mechanicsburg, who was anxious to have her dressmaker hurry up with some work she was doing, was astonished to hear her say one evening: "Of course you won't want me to work tomorrow?" "Why, of course I shall," said the lady; "why not?" "Why, to-morrow is Ascensión Day, and if you wear a dress made on that day you will get struck by lightniug." The lady laughed at the foolish idea and the dressmaker worked on Ascensión Day. Of course you expect me to say that one day when the lady was wearing the dress a thunder storm carne up and lightning struck her. Wéü, I can't teil a lie. The dress was worn during numerous thunder storms until it was cast aside, and the wearer is still alive and hearty. Knocks the superstition out,


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