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"a Sad Story."

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Under the above head the editor of the Ypsilantian, last week desoribed bis sorrow and humiliation at their own base-bsll club's defeat by Belleville and Ann Arbor clubs. Here is what he said : Saturday, September 10, w:ll long be remembered as a dark day in Ypsilanti's history, and forever in the years to come will it be referred to by the oldest inhabitants with a shudder and a sigh. It almost dims our eyes to teil the tale, but true it is, that between the rising and setting of the sun on that sad day, two Ypsilanti ball clubs - our young men of brawn and boldness, and our boys of tender years and hands, were maliciously beaten with clubs in the hands of totally depraved organizations of Belleville and Ann Arbor. The Belleville band of stony-hearted strangers came, and were received with open arm, but we didn't take them in. They purposely disregarded every requirement of generous hospitality, and rudely deprived the ball club of our own proud city of its glorv and gladness. We could have faced the woild, in spite of thefall our pride received by this grois ingratitude; but to be informed, just as her cup of disappointment was almost full, that her blueeyed boys, who had been induced to stray away to the wicked town by the University, were on their way home, after being disastrously defeated, was hard for one small city to calmly endure. The mantle of darkness was welcomed that night, and Ypsilanti crept early to bed, only to have her usually peaceful elumbers disturbed by visions of "slaughter of the innocents" andother dreadful dreams.


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