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ONE HUNDRED YEAES OLD. Philadelphia, Sept. 10.- The Centennial celebration in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of the adoption of the Federal eonstitution began in this city yesterday and will continue three days. It is efitimated that 250,000 strangers are in the city. The principal gtreets are gay with decorations, and are thronged with eager sighteeers. The civic and industrial parade yeeterday was an imposing affair, about 300 "floate," 12,000 men, 3,000 horees and 150 bands of music being In line. President Clevelan 1 arrived with Ma party at 8:30 last night The Governors who witnessed the parada were Larrabee, of Iowa; Beaver, of Pennsylvania; Hughe, of Arkansas; Buckner, of Kentucky; Thayer, of Nebraska; Pennoyer, of Oregon; WilBon, of West Virginia; Foraker, of Ohio, and Lee, of Virginia. Receptions were held In the evening by Governor Beaver and Cardinal Gibbons. The President was serenaded at midnight at the Lafayette HoteL The governors of other states who arrived during the day were: Sawyer, of New Hampshire; Rice, of Minnesota; Lloyd, of Maryland; Biggs, of Delaware; Bodwell, of Maine; Lounsbury, of Connecticut; Ames, of Massachusette; Green, of New Jersey; Scales, of North Carolina, and Davis, of Bhode Island. Philadelphia, Sept 17.- Tha Constitutional celebration was continued yesterday, when about half a million strangers were said to have been in the city. The President, attended by Secretary Bayard, exPresident Hayes and other notabilities, reviewed the employés of the custom-house, and was afterward tendered a reception at the Commercial Exchange, where he made a brief address, urging the importance of a more active interest and participation in public affairs by the business classes. From the exchangs the Presidential party proceeded to Broad and Walnut Btreets, where they reviewed the great military parade, which was led by Lieutenant-General Sheridan. About 30,000 men were in line. As near as could be judged from the stand the procession was made up as follows: The Clover Club dined President Cleveland and other distinguished guests last evening. The President and his wite were subsequently given a receptien at the Academy of Music. Philadelphia, Sept 19.- The third and last day of the memorial celebration of the signing of the eonstitution attracted thousands on Saturday, and the programme exercises were carried out with great enthusnasm. President Cleveland, attended by Secretarles Bayard and Fairchild, held a reception in the commissioners' room in the City Hall. At 10:30 o'clock the Presidential party left the City Hall and proceeded to the great memorial meeting in Independence Square. A chorus of 200 men and 2,000 children opened the proceedings with a ptttriotic air, and a little after eleven o'clock the President and Mrs. Cleveland, leadmg a doublé column of distinguished visitors, ascended the steps leading to tha grand stand, amid deafening cheers. Bishop Potter opened the formal proceedings with prayer. Hon. John A. Kasson, president of the Constltutional Centennial Commission, made the opening speech, which was followed by the address of President Cleveland. The memorial oration, which followed the President's speech, was delivered by Judge Samuel F. Stiller, of the United States Supreme Court. The celebration ended with a grand banquet.


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