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Haddock's Slayer

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FOUJÏD GUH.TÏ. SroUX City, Sopt. 13.- The testimouy ijl ♦he Dr. Haddock murder case wül be all in to day Wednesdny was devoted toproving an alibi for Munebrath. His father, raother and fiister sworu he was iu thelr dining-room at the time of the sbootiug. Sioux Citï, Ia., Sept lÜ.-The Munchrath "ase moved slowiy yesterday. The defendante rested, and the State introduced but little teBtíroony in rebuttal. J. E. Kobson, superintendent of the city water-works at the time ol the murder of Dr. Haddock, was called by the State and made a statement which will be va-uable in the Arensdorf case, that ever reaches a new trial. He taw Arensdorf m Junk's saloon the night of the niurder, saw him coine out with the crowd, and watched him go west with the men vho went to the corner of Fourtn and Water streets. This testimony disposes of Arenedorf s alibi and supplies the missing link in the evidence conneeting him with the crime. , Sioux City, Ia., Sept. 17.- The evidence in the Haddock niurder case was all in Thursdav, and counRel began their addresses to Shê ' jury. The evidence oL one witness, Bobson," was fatal to the attempt to prove au alibi. „ . SjovxCitï, Ia., Bept 2O.-Fred Munchrath, Jr one of the men indicted tor the marder of Eev. George C. Haddock, stands oonvicted of manslaughter. Sentence has been deferred until September 26, at which time the court may inflict a penalty notto xceed eight years in the pemtentaary ana $1 000 line. The prisoner is now at large on'baU, but the amount of his bail wül be increased. The case was given to the jury Saturday evening, and a verdict was found at about noon Sunday, but the court did not assemble to receive it untU nearly two p. m. Munchrath and hls father were summoned. The jury announced its verdict and was r.nllpd. Mnnchrath clasped his hands ly and rocked baokward and forward ÍB hiB chair. His counsel evineed astonishment The verdict was an astonishing one to thosewho heard it, becausethe jury was out nineteen hours, and a disagreement was anticipated. Rumor has it that conviction was reached on the second ballot and that the balance of the time was consumed in fixing the degree of the crime. Sioux City, Ia., Sept 20.- The second trial of John Arensdorf for the nmrder of fiev. George C. Haddock was yesterday set for November 14 next, and the trial of Granada goesover by consent of counseL The verdict in the Munchrath case gives satlsf action to the public here, who think it a just sentence, tempered with right and humanity. Hopes are strong that the principal in the ease will get his just deserts on the next -trial.


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