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President Cleveland has declined to visit San Francisco. Theraisin crop in Southern California is large this season. The La Belle glass-works at Bridgeport, O., were destroyed by fire Saturday. Loss, $85,000. Thecoast of Newf omidland was strewn on Monday with wrecks caused by a recent great gale. Henry Eiedel, of Wilmington, Del., killed his wife and son and then attempted suicide on Saturday. Eight men were killed by a boiler explosión in a West lndian steamer in Stokesbay, Eng. , Monday. Eear-Admiral J. R. Madison Mullaney, ü. S. Navy, died on Saturday at Bryn Mawr, Pa,, aged seventy years. A flre at Lake Crystal, Minn., early Thursday morning destroyed property of the timated valué of $46,125. The George Weber Brewing Company, of Cincinnati, faüed Monday. Liabilities, $612,000; assets, $228,000. ■. Three men were accidentally killed on a bridge on the Baltimore & Ohlo railxoad near Wheeling, W. Va, Saturday. It was reported on Monday that the dry weather had so damaged corn In Illinois that there wonld be only half a erop. Three young men were drowned on Saturday night at Lake Geneva, Wia, by the capsizing of the boat in which they were riding. King WUliam opened the States General Parliainent of Holland on Monday. In hie speech he pronounced every thing in a satisfactorv conditlon. The roof of a chamber in the South Jacksou mine at Negannee, Mich., collapsed Friday night, killin one miuer and seriously Injuring another. James C. Flood Tuesday resigned the presideney of the Nevada Bank at San Francisco. Ex-Senator Fair was elected a director and president The carpenter shops of the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton railway car-works at Lima, 0., were destroyed by fire Monday evening. Loss, $75,000. Seventy-flve of the best buildings in the village of Ironwood, Mich., were deBtroyed by nre Saturday afternoon. Loss, $250,000. Many persons lost their all. Hon. Joseph Cilley, the oldest ex-United States Senator and a veteran of the war of 1812. died at Nottingham, N. H., on day, at the age of ninety-six years. Fpur firemen were badly hurt and $300,000 went up in smoke in a fire that destroyed M. E. Page's four-story Wholesale candy f actory in Chicago on Thursday. Three men were killed on Friday and seven eeverely injured by a collision between two construction trains on the Iron Mountain railroad near Nettleton, Ark. The First National Bank of Corry, Pa,, havmg been embarrassed by the recent failure of an oil company in that town, was closed by the bank examiner on Friday. At Fern, Md., llonday night the engine of the Bee line limited exj)ress left the track, turnlng completely over, and killing Engineer Mike Reddington and his son, the fireuian. An assignnient was made Thursday by Thomas J. Pope & Bro., of New York, deal ers in metáis, and one of the largest flrms in the trade. The liabilities are said to be heavy. The cholera outbreak in Italy continúes to increase in seriousness. The alarm is made greater by the f act that the disease is of a more virulent type than that of recent years. A collision occurred on Monday on the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago road, near Forest, O., that resulted in the death of one man and the fatal wounding of two others. Governor Iïoss, of New Mexico, reports the Territory, owing to the imperfect ner oí collecting taxes, is falling into debt, but in all other regards a healthy growth is apparent Indiana at the Standing Rock Agency in Dakota complain of bad food and too many whites. Chief Gaul wants to build mounds on the border of bis territory, to keep out palefaces. J. T. Bruinier, an English Liberal, has contributed $5,000 for the purpose of starting a fund to meet the material needs of Ireland and relieve the distress prevalent in that country. The American Forestry Congress, after hearing papers, passing resolutions and electing oincers at Springfield, 111., adjourned Friday. Hoa C. B. Pringle, of Atlanta, Ga., was elected president Mrs. S. R. Borden, of Tonica, HL, the last of the victims of the Chatsworth disaster, died on Friday at the home of her friends. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Martin, at Chatsworth. She was the eightieth victim of the catastrophe. A statement of the Tonquin finalices, submitted by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, shows a deficit of 20,000,000 francs. The Government has decided to postpone the construction of railways in Tonquin indefinitely.


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