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The Children

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An exehange says the little girl who was cross every night said that it was because her mother put her t bed surly.- Oil City Blizzard. "Johnny," said the Sunday school teacher, "what is our duty to our neighbors?" "To ask 'em to tea soon as they get settled," said Johnny.- Oshkosk Gazette. Mother (reading)- France uses peat for fuel. Child (listening)- What did they burn hini for, mamma? "Burn who, Bessie?" "Whv Pete. "- Dansville News. ' A Uttle girl's father has a round bald spot. Kissing him at bedtime not long ago. she said: "Stoop down, popsy dear. I want to kiss the place where the lining shows "- Traveler's Record. Little Sister -Robbie, why are people who go up in balloons called aeronauts? Big Brother- Because, goosie, when they go up they are never sure whether they will stay in the air or not.- Pittsburg Bulletin. " Your papa and mamma know what is best for you, Tommy." said his mother. Tommy rolled about a good deal on the rug, and then said: "Ma, do you know sometimos I feel like being an orphan?"- London Globe. "You can't fooi me," he said to his father. "Nobody can talk through that. There'g no hole in the string." Ho evidently Imagine that the telephone system is an enlargement of the speakingtube.- Hartford Post. A 5-year-old boy who was engaged in souie mischievous doings, on being remonstrated with by his fatuer with : "Why will you do so, George?" replied: "Oh, I expect I am too Httle to know any better. "- Babyland. A lad while listening to his teacher's moral essay one day, with his eyes intently fastened on her face, interrupted her with: "Say, teacher, you hain't moved your upper jaw since you been talkin'. "-Philadelphia Journal.


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