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The One He Wanted To See

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Tt is well known that many young men coming to our University secure wives as well as learning, and ït is not to be wondered at, considering the attractiveness of Ann Arbor's daughiers. Oae Michigan phygician who studied here tells his experience. He took a room where there were two daughters, and soon noticing that they were comely and bright, he thought he would like to take one of them to the opera house that evening. Beaming interested in his reading, he neglecled to present his petition for such an honor till late iu the tiftemoon when he notined a young man coming up the walk who raEp; the bell and was admitted, and who remainel too long for any ordinary purpose. The medical student nervously thought that his chance was becoming limited. The visitor finally went awfiy, when the young man up-stairs piuoked up courage, bat was soon overwhelmed wi;h the sight of the lady and two daughters and his uncertainty as to which one to address; but he fioally ga=ped : "I want to see the one that that other fellow didn't come to see." Theie was laughter and b'ushing especially on the part of the "one" the other lellow did ome to see. The student took the other "one" to the opera houe that evening, and years afterward tock her t: the altar.


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