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Lew H. Clement

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"I I Do, Don't You ? -"T You like to deal with a man who deals "square." Who comes out honest and open and tells facts as they are. Don't you ? When you buy an article you want one which will nrove iust exactly as represented, that will look well, wear well, please you and your friends and give perfect satisfaction. Don't you ? i,Yo?upre{er t0 pay a few dollars more and get such an article i".1tLang„b5ys„7ryr„;rdï bM d' ihi"se - ine "öquare" Music Dealer, G00DSiSVJil1iHfe fol:bothmerchantiuld customer to nse GOOD trUULtb, and teil the facts about them as they are. OrJm"? ffSt ÍÍVhíJÍ policy of seIlinë onlythose Pianos and Organs manufactured by firms of the hfehest business integrity, and 7Z V" sttru,m.enJ8 have a world-wide reoutation for best toni, best and"ves up toi? Uy' aDd PrÍn"tS hÍS mU in big 1tters Honest Goods at Honest Prices. "1UyS ffrCaS'}1 and thouSh he does not claim to sell goods for essthan cost," and give "special prices" to each customer, he Tnd "ee him QÜAUTY consideked, any one who claims to do so. Cali ümegiTOyoiïcÏÏc' Courteou8' " 6iuare." and ready every TBT AND BB COTINCBD. JÈ mmmn Estey, Century and Eoyal Oraiis. mmnmiim DQ O 25 Q pc I I O c5 cc CD 00 ÜJ z c O? O CQ a'


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