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tí "I "VOO. Have you seen those tD-Lw Extraordinary Wraps? At BACH & ABEL'S q- .00. A Great L1ne of Silks. Surahs worth 20 per et. more At BACH & ABEL'S. EMBROIDERED HDK'FS. Matchless, 50c, 75c, $1.00 to$2.00 At BAOH fe ABEL'S. C1 R00. Have you seen those $1O Extraordinary Plush Wraps At BACH & ABEL'S? MÜFFS AND BOAS, GLrious for Christmas Giits At BAOH & ABEL S. SILK and Cashmere Mufflers, Matchless, 75c to $2.00 Lines, At BACH & ABEL'S. tí Q.00. A Great Line of Ladies' U Wraps worth 50 per et. more, At BACH & ABEL'S. Ö L5.00. Have you seen those pO Extraordinary Newmarkets? At BaOH & ABEL'S. LIÑEtTTABLTsETS Glorious for Christmas ;Gifts, At BACH fe ABEL'S. SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, Matchless 50c, 75c and $1.00 Linee, At BAOH & ABEL'S. Have you seen the Extract Oordinary Scarlet Underwear? At BAOH & ABEL'S tíQ.75. A Great Line of Gents' UJ Silk Umbrellas worth 30 per ot. more, at BACH & ABEL'S. AIRY FAIRY FANS, Glorious for Christmas Gifts, At BACH & ABEL'S. WATERED SILKS, Matchless $1.25, $1.50 and $2 Lines, at BAOH & ABEL'S. tí"] C .00. Have you seen those tPlO Extraordinary Astrachan Sacks ? at B CH& ABEL' S. tí 0. 50. A great line of Black Silk P Fichúes worth 40 per et. more, At BACH & ABEL'S. p ÜCHIÑGST Matchless, 35c and 50c Lines, At BAOH & ABEL'S KID GLOVES, Glorious for Chriatmas Gifts, At B&CH & ABEL'S. O! .50. Have you seen those ExJ)- traordinary Marseilles Quilts? At BACH & ABEL'S. (& 00. A Great Line of Ladies' P "Jackets, worth 50 per et. more, At BACH & ABE1V8. DRESS GOODS, Matohless 50c and 75c Lines, At BAOH & ABEL'3. "pOCKET BOÖKS AND HANDJ- BAGS, Glorious for Christmas Gif te, at BAOH & ABEL'S. tí"j .OO. Have you seen those tD-LO Extraordinary Wraps : At BAOH & ABEL'S. tí 0. 00. A Great Line of Lace P Curlaini worth 20 per cent. more. at B iOH & ABEL'S.


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