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During hor twcnty years of marricd lifa Jlrs. John Ouest, of Wichita, Kan., has preBanted hor husband with twentry-two ehildren. She has twice given . birtll to twins and om to triplets. Thestoro of a man named Windley.iftt Hunter's Bridge, N. C, was plundered by bnrglare recently. When he inforraed his vrifoof theiact sho faintod and dicfl bef oreBho could be restored to consciousnesa. Lightning struck a basket of eggs in a farm yard néar Horiden, MSau, not longago, and a man wlio itnessed the descent of the trie fluid solemnly declared that it hatched out chlekens trom several of the eggs. Tlieiv is a man in the Kansas ionitentiary who, beginning with a term at BIng Sing years ágo, has served his time in regular suci in the penitentiáries of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Kansas. A darky applied to the. county clerk at Smithville, Ga., recently, for a marriago lieense, but on being informed that it would eostil.Töhe departed without one, saying that "he wasn't iu any hurry, nohow, and ho guessed they'd bo cheaper attor a while." Farmer Liesman, who found a spring on_ his farm ncar Holland, Mich., that will make hair grow on most anything, has sold thecow and calf on which he had raised long whiskers toa Chicago museum for $1,300. He will ship some of the water to the animal eaeh week. A mili in Carlton, Mieh., recently bnrned, and during the entire conüagration the big engine ran steadily, and so in some way was saved from dostruction. The working of the entine kept the pumps going, so the boilers were kept supplied with water and there was no explosión. A dranken laborar named John Davies, at Dowlais, Englaud, on his way home lay down the rahroad track so close to the raus that, a train coming along, the engine run over and cut off the heel of his boot. When the train stoppod and backed up the man was still asleep, and was indignaiit at being made to get up and go home. A Montana paper reeently contained this remarkable notiee: "Mr. Charles Johnson and Miss Fannie West were marïied by Kev. S. HiHs on Wednesday. So far no trouble has resulted, and those best informed as to the situation say there will be none." The noxt day the editor apologized and explained that part oí an item regarding an incipient strike had got in the wrong place. George Frey, of Oil City, Pa., wrote a letter to his brother in Michigan a few nights ago, and after sealing it he happened to glance at the clock. Ithadstopped at 9:46. Mr. Frey set tbe clock from his wateh, and the sound of the ticking seemed to him strangely like a low voice calling out: "I'ni gone, I'm gone." In the morning Mr. Frey received a telegram announcing his brother's death, and a subsequent letter contained the information that he died at 9:45 and that hiü last words were : 'Trn gone !"


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