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Real Estate Transfers

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Following is a list of the real estáte transfers in Washtenaw county, as recorded by the register of deeds, for week endI ing January 9, 1888. ; Chas. Allmendinger to Rebeoba Almendinger (will) _ J. G. Oesterle to Christian Fahrner. Sylvaii.S 2075 Wm. B. Krum, et. al., to Hugh McNally, Sylvan 750 S. A. Howlett and wife to James Howiett, Lyndon gy) G. Heber and wife to John Messner, Freedoro 650 L. Gruner to G. Yank, Ann Arbor city .... 300 L. W. Lake (will) to Clarissa B. Lake'. E. W. Morgan to John Baumgardner, Ann Arbor city 5 C. L. Fratt and wife to Iiugh Coyie, Northneld 3872 Julia A. Street to Sarah Spencer, Ann Árbór city 112 50 Jacob Weber to Jacob Weber, jr., I,odi. 3200 Geo. H. Moon to W. S. Collins, Saline 1650 Jacob Huber and wife to Kranklin Spafard, Manchester 2700 Hannah Tibbles to Aaron R. Wheeler York 125 William James to Margaret J. Merithew, York 1 Margaret J. Merithew to William E. James. 100 John M. Alber and wife to M. P. Alber, Freedom 3000 H. W. Hicks toSeybolt&Spokes. Ann Arbor. 600 H. W. Hieks to G. W. Seyüolt. Ann Arbor... 600 H. W. Hicks to R. Spokes. Ann Arbor 600 Sarah E. Sager to S. Heudric son, Aun Arbor Eliza J. Havens to J. L. Strang, Yp9ilanti city lío S. W. Lockwood and wife to O. H. Wines, Chelsea vill 200 C. H. Wines and wife to M. J. Emmett, Chelsea vill 100 N. J. Kyer to H. A. Kyer, Ann Arbor city .._