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Prohibition Convention

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The third party Prohibitionistsof Wasbtenaw county held a coDvention last Friday in the rink in Ann Arbor. Rev. E. B. Sutton, of Adrián, and W. A. Taylor, of Lansine;, were present. F. B. Cressy, of The Center, was on hand and secured $35 for 100 copies of hts paper till after the campaign, which will be sent to Demoorats and Republicans in the county whom they hope to convert. With students and women the I tion numbered about 300. It was the smallest county convention the party has I held m years. A. A. Hopkins and the Silver Lake quartette, of New York, who held forth more particularly in the I ing, were on hand, the quartette arriving at 3 p. m. and arousing some enthusiasm with its music. J Cooley C. Reeves, of Dexter, was made I ohairman of the convention, and Charlea I A. Salyer, of Ann Arbor, secretary. I gates to the state oonvention in Grand Rapids, May 16, were chosen as follows: B. J. Conrad, delégate at large; John Schumacher and O. R. L. Crozier, Ann Arbor; G. W. Merrill, Webster; Lester C. Palmer, Dexter; J. R. Doane, Salem: S. W. Bird, Whitmore Lake; Robert Chase, Sylvan; W. D. Smith, Dexter; Rev. J. D. Shult, Augusta ; A. B. Smith York ; W. H. Dell, Saline ; W. L. Watkins, Manchester ; 0. M. Fellows, Sharon ; A. Glover, Lodi; R. Parsons, Tpsilanti town, and E. S. Shaw, Ypsilanti. The folio wing are altérnate delégales: Mrs. Stannard, Webster ; Alvin Wilsey, Ann Arbor; W. B. ThompsoD, Salem; J. B. Laraway, Northfield; Mrs. Lester Palmer, Dexter; N. W. Cheever, Ann I Arbor: J. W. Wins. Soio: J. O. Hfirhflrt.' Ann Arbor; R. P. Copeland, J B. Lord, Augusta; W. H. Hathaway, York; Eev. Mr. Yocum, Saline; George Raymond, Sharon ; Alfred Miller, Lodi; David Wilsey, Pittsfield; Frank Stratton, Ypsilanti town; G. L. Poote, Ypsilanti ; M. S. Every, Bridgewater. It was decided that the next Prohibition county convection be held in Ypsilanti, and that it answer for putting a county I ticket in the field and for sending delegates to the second state convention. B, J. Conrad was r üleeted chairman of the county committee, and E. S. Shaw, of Ypsilanti, was made secretary. Alvin I Wilsey, of Ann Arbor, waa made treasurer. B. J. Conrad wanted to know who foots the bilis, and it transpired that he had been in the habit of performing that use ful and impon ant funetion. The Prohibition party, he said, always pays its bilis. He had started in a year before with $4.2C; had received about $36 during the year, and now the party owed him $12 81 which, he intimated, they might pay or not; he was not particular. The oonvention raised by subscription nearly $350, andadonted the state schem whereby 10 per cent. of it goes to the national committee, 30 per cent. to ihe state committee, and 60 per cent. remains for the county campaign. Of thts sum, E. S. Shaw personally pledged $156, Tpsi[ lanti having cast Iñ6 Prohibition votes. B. J. Conrad became responsible for $100 of the whole subaoription, providing he can't raise it among AnD Aibor Prohibitionists. This flnancial soheoie and the raising of money was forced upon the convention by Rev. E. B. Sutton, of Adrián. He carne expecting to get at least $800 pledged, but got barely $350. There is considerable j leeling against the reverend gentleman among Washtenaw Prohibitionists, and one of them intimates that the small j tendance on the convention was because Mr. Sutton sent word throughout the county that he would be here. A promiinent Prohibitionist declares that Mr. SutI - ton was not invited to the convention and ïsn t wanted in the county any more. In the evening the rink was paoked with ppople. The Silver Lake quartette gave a concert, and Messrs. Hopkina and Mead,- Mr. Mead is the basso of the quartette,- spoke at some length. - -


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