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Hewitt And The Flag

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New Yokk, April 11.- Mayor Hewitt sent the aldermen a piece of hls miud yesterday about the American flag and the green flag. It was in regard to the aldermen's resolution to repeal the ordinance which gives the mayor the power to control the raisinfr of flags on the city hall flag-staff. Mayor Hewitt has vetoed this resoltulon, and in a message directs attention to the f act thatwhüe the Irish-born element Is only 16.45 per cent oí thepopulation, 27 per cent ot the aldermen and 28. 10 per cont of the pollcemen of New York are Irish. The mayor concludes as follows: "These facts, wtaen properly consldered, should impose a modest restraint In claiming new privileges, whioh are not now known to the law, and not desired by the more conservativo portions of the nationality in whose favor the exception is demanded. The American people, made up of many elementa, is tolerant, longsuffering and slow to anger, but they regard the flag as the symbol of nationalily, and they will surely resent any propositions which look to the recognltion of any other idea of sovereignty withln the limits of the Union than that which is embodied in the National flag, sanctifled as it is in their hearts by glorious and tender memories of priceless sacriflce."


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